Why redundancy?

Why is there redundancy in a Multinational Company? Because there is no work

Why is there no work? Because of the market? Because of the people in the top level don´t do well their jobs?

In the case of the previous answers are true... WHY IS ALWAYS THE SAME PEOPLE LEVEL WHO SUFFER THE LAYOFF? Yes, this kind of people are the wretch people. People who arrived at time every morning to their jobs, people who is really involved in their daily tasks, people who do not have the power to make decision, people who have got soooo many bosses over them, people who have got the just money for living, people who need to work for living... In short, that people like me.

Why the CEOs, SVPs, VPs, SM, M are not sacked? Why these sort of people remains in their positions? In any case, are not they the ones who make decisions? ... Sorry, I'd like to say "important and crucial" decisions... Are not they the ones who are paid to think and decide the firma strategy? ... If they do to all of these points, WHY ARE NOT THESE UPPER CLASS DISMISSED? Is not the current Firma situation their fault?

Why should we be the victim?

Starring actress Zoe Saldana wore a Versace strapless white leather dress with silver and gold metallic chains in the front, combined with Versace accessories, to the Avatar premiere in Los Angeles.
“There are no regrets in life, just lessons”

Dear Elmo,

I'm so happy for meeting you yesterday night before coming home back. I grow up with you, and I learned sooo much with you.

I don´t remember, but maybe my obsession for the shoes comes from you.

Elmo, for sure I will see u again.



Mahael's dinner

Towards Mahael´s good bye dinner.

Yesterday night we had a dinner to say "good bye" to Mahael, our VP2.

The dinner was in Alonso Martínez area. The restaurant is calld Pulcinella. The food is more or less OK, but compared to the price, it was very expensive (33€ a head).

On my way, I found very interesting shops. In a small one of them, I saw one of the posible dresses of my life (345€):

Beside this, many of the shops and restaurants had got curious names, such as:

And some interesting sights:

The dinner was nice, people was friendly and Mahael was happy to be with us.




As my darling friend An would say...

¡Que se mueran los feos!

Spring is here!

Although it seems unbeliable, Spring is here!! Cold is out and heat (ardour) is coming.

People happier, people took to the streets, it feels like doing more things, clothes funnier, nicer and more confortable... environment is tempting and I love it!
Come Reza Ama

Next film to watch!


Moon on Friday night in Madrid

Smile Friday: Friday night arriving home after my hard warehouse master degree class.


A great new fan of my blog

OOOhhhh man!! We have a 7th fan and it´s no less than Mr. Van der Rijk!!!!

I'm going to tell you something about this guy. The first time I spoke to him was via call. He worked in transport team and I was working in AM-Source team. We had a transport order waiting to be moved to the live environment but it couldn´t be because Mr. Jonh Holmes (one of the max. gurus we had) didn´t agree and the transport order had got errors. I cannot remember how long the transport order was waiting for, but one day Mr. Berry told us: "That transport order cannot be stopped anymore and it must be moved to S1P".

It makes my hair stand on end and I tried to explain to him why we couldn't allow it... He didn´t yield... then, on a point I told him: "OK, you can move it you will take full responsability...". Of course, it goes without saying that the transport order was not moved to S1P and it wait longer and longer and longer :)

Some time later, we were informed that Berry from Transport team was going to be in Madrid office. I had never seen him before... and it's more, I thought he was from Manila. Suddenly, I was sat at my table and a veeeery big guy, veeeeryyy blond guy, with a veeeeerrrryyy (blue) brown (I always think they are blue) eyes came to me and he held out his hand to me saying: "Hi, I'm Berry bla bla bla...". I swear I shocked! He was not from Manila!! and he was even charming.

I made a pass at him ;) but without success and now he is a happy future father! Oh yeah.

Berry, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it and participate!



Does a great amount of money worth working until being a workaholic?
Carnet Jóven de Madrid

Hey! If you are between 14 and 30 years old, there is a "young carnet" which allows you to get discounts in different cultural and sport activities where you can invest your leisure time.

Recently, I suffer anxiety. Yes, I do.

The reason for it is because for 1 year ago I live in a continous change.

At the beginning I loved it! I was in Germany, I landed from Cottbus to Madrid directly, I was moved for almost 2 months to Scotland, I returned to Madrid and started in a Company where every day was different, different aims, different people. After 2 and a half years I began in a new company, new courses, new people, 2 masters, English classes... Many things for 24 hours the day has got.

From February I am in a new team where I have soooo much work and soooo lesss time that I cannot almost to breathe. One week I had got heart trouble!!! And it is not a joke. My inbox grows faster than I take them out. I thought the inbox has a limit capacity... but it isn´t!! It's insane!!!!!!

At night I did not go to sleep until 2.30 - 3.00 am and I woke up about 6.00 am. I only slept 3 hours or a little bit more. The maximum was 4,18 hours one day.

Of course, I have realized I cannot carry the peace on.

Right now I continue in the change status... and it is affecting to the people who are around me.

I do not know if I want the stability or I am avoiding it. But one thing is clear: I must focus and go into that direction. That does be clear... but I do not know how to achieve it.
Welcome Sandra!

Hello Sandra,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not saying to you before "Welcome to my blog".

I hope you follow and enjoy it, and please! Feel free to comment whatever you wish.


How does someone can live with a Bxxxh and don´t kill her?????

SOS!!!!!!!!... Please, don´t suggest to change of apartment since I adore my room!
This is my friend Virginia.

Not my imaginary friend… not my Erasmus cyber friend… but a REAL LIFE girl friend.

Sure, today was technically the first time I have ever actually met Ms. Virginia, but after speaking via internet with her for over 4 years and messenging back and forth on everything, I can most certainly say, I feel like I have known her for ages.

But even with our virtual history, I was totally unprepared for what I found. She was delightful, and darling and funny as hell.

Virginia… thanks for the date! and Congratulations for your new job!!!! Good luck and hope to see u soon and not wait for other 4 years ;)


Please, could you be so kind as to let me know how to make the most of time well spent? I work, I study... and at the end, I think I do nothing!!! It's frustrating...


"Sick of Love" (by Robert Ramírez)

My heart is sick of love! My air is sick of love! My mind is sick of love! We are sick of love! Let's dance again the evil game! I'm gonna fly!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot stop listening to this song.
Tasks from last Saturday

1. Laser depilation
2. Beautician: eyebrows and eyelash perm
3. Hairdresser's
4. Dressmarker


Have a pee in an Armani

If you have the chance to get this experience... Please, let me know your feeling and enjoy it!

Georgio Armani and the Spanish company Roca work together to transform the bathroom into a comfortable and harmonious environment with an elegant and personal ambience.

Victoria's Secret Fashion show 2003

Adriana Lima is coming back

In my opinion, she is one of the most beautiful model nowadays.
Chinese Astrology

Yesterday afternoon we had a Chinesse team dinner but I could not go. Fortunately, I was able to asssist to our Chinese workmate's presentation. She showed us the type typical Chinese food, how they live and the Chinese astrology.

If I have the chance, I like to read my horoscope. It does not mean that I believe on it and it is going to predetermine my day... but I like reading it.

The Chinese horoscope consists of 12 animals. Every year has got a different animal and that animal is reapeated and every animal happens every 13 years again.

The mine is the "COK"... it is not the most beautiful, but it is not so bad.

According to the Chinese astrology, my Zodiac's nature is: "Dramatic, but a reputable person who works systematically. The Rooster is outspoken and loves to attract attention. She takes good care of her family and can handle money well. Most compatible with: Ox, Serpent, and Dragon".

Then, everybody who was born in 1981 belongs to the "Cok" horoscope.


A new follower

My blog has got a new follower... Welcome "cmsantosb"!!
On my way to home after my gym, I found this store... does not it remember you to Christmas?

Ferragamo knot bag in a black color with leather stud detailing.
Russian model Natasha Poly wore a Ferragamo resin oval-shaped clutch to the "Inglourious Basterds" premiere during the 62nd Cannes Film Festival.


Lust List

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
2. Rolex watch
3. Vestido de gitana
This video lives up to my friend Diana: "Contigo no bicho"

I do not know how many things I have guffawed regarding this video.

I had forgot it but last Saturday, one Diana's friend told us another friend is going out with this guy.

The video is excellent!


Metro towards Sol on Saturday night when there is the eagerly awaited game between Real Madrid - Barcelona (Result 0-2)

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

Sunday cooking

What did I cook today?

1. Ham croquette - Have into account the following steps:

1. Flour
2. To dip in beated eggs
3. To smear it with breadcrumbs

(Of course, as always I started wrongly: 2-1-3. I realized something did not run good, so I called my mother and she told me the right sequence).

2. French fries and fried egg - my favourite food.

Fortunately, I did not have any problem with it!

My new nail polish

The Sara Bara's show started at 22:30 and ended at 24:00.

The plan consisted of 12 pieces. During almost the first hour Sara Baras only went out dancing twice... and one of them did not have much dance. It seemed as Sara was the guest artist instead of being the main one.

Only at the end we could enjoy Sara's art. She danced 3 pieces and she was simply brilliant, faultless and fantastic!! She danced with an elegance as hardly anyone. It made up for her absence at the beginning.

In one word: A-MA-ZING!!!!


I get to see Sara Baras' show tonight!

I get to see Sara Baras' show 2night!

I get to see Sara Baras' show 2night!

I get to see Sara Baras' show 2night!

I get to see Sara Baras' show 2night!

(I feel so excited!!)


Principles of Good Leadership

Everybody can become a (leader) boss, but no anyone can become a (good) leader.

Why? Because a leader should fulfill a serie of skills and requirements which are not very eassy to deal with and which cannot be confronted by anyone.

Here you can find some examples about the leader aptitudes:

1. Realize that management succeeds via the efforts of the workers. Although the lead is who guides his team to achieve the goals, they are the ones who do the actual work.

2. Delegate responsibility and then trust your people. Once the lead's trained someone to handle a task, the lead (boss) should allow him or her to handle it without interference. Different people have different ways of doing something. If the lead forces the way on anyone, the boss is undercutting their confidence and does not allow them to exercise their own style. The work of the boss is to provide an honest evaluation to the method, and if he/she find it works just as well, even if it's different from his/her, let it be.

3. Know the employees to know leader's strength. Leader should watch her/his staff and get to know them as individuals. That allows leader to enhance, adjust and align employee's motives with leader's goals.

4. Empower the staff to make critical decisions, and don't second-guess them. Leader must believe the workers are doing their best to act in leader (and/or company) best interest.

5. Help the team learn to work out issues without leader intervention.

6. Deal with any problems quickly and directly.

7. Tell the staff how much they are appreciated - in front of customers if possible. When the staff feel valued and appreciated, their job means more to them than simply a paycheck. This becomes a win-win(-win).

8. Show leader appreciation by doing things for them. Eg. having a lunch all together.

9. Share leader goals with the employees. Tell them what makes leader happy and ask employees directly to help leader reach his/her goals.

10. Learn to be an effective listener. The employees deserve to be heard when they have concerns.

11. Be the boss. No matter how well the staff is trained or how good the leadership skills become, there will be times when leader will have to remind someone that he/she's the final word on all matters.


There is an idea which is going round and round in my head throughout today... "Why do people marry??".

Please, if someone has got some suggestion, it´s more than welcome!
Dogs look like owners

Today evening, when I was coming back home I saw "two couple of dog-owners" on my way.

The first one consisted of a middle-age man and his dog. This dog was a "Bulldog Francés":

The second ones were a woman and his "sooo big" dog. This one was like a "Dogo argentino" but bigger!!

All of them were so similar that it made me think about to write about this topic in my blog and search for some information.

You can check that the story is totally true in the following links:


My introduction to the Latin Dance World

Today I left the office a little bit earlier as usual since I wanted to go to my "belly dance" class. I haven´t gone for 2 weeks.

My surprise was that instead of our usual man-teacher a woman appeared, but she was not going to do "belly dance"... she came to teach us how to dance latin songs.

At the beginnning was a little bit dificult because the rhythm was fast and the steps were not easy. Along the class we were picking the steps up.

Next thursday we will have the same teacher as today and she said she is going to prepare a Batuka choreography.

I cannot wait for the next class!!!
Beauty tips: How to get gorgeous skin
  1. To exfoliate your face
  2. Face mask
  3. To hydrate your face

There are different types of face mask. It is imperative that you know your skin type. Beside this, you can use the following sort of face masks depending of the effect you´d like to get:

- Radiance mask and luster and glow to lifeless, dull skin. They use vitamins and light diffuses to add glow. Radiance masks moisturize and tone the skin to give a more youthful appearance.

- Hydrating masks moisturize the skin. A hydrating mask is meant to hydrate the skin by restoring natural oils. Hydrating masks are recommended for those with dry skin.

- Clay and Mud masks are best suited for oily skin. They dry in a short period of time and are considered a detoxifying mask. Clay and mud masks open the pores and removed blackheads. In addition, they absorb excess oil in the skin which is known to causes pimples and acne. After the mask has dried, rinse with cool water and scrub the mask off your face. Your skin will be free of dirt and excess oil and as an added bonus circulation is improved too.

- Peel-of-masks are usually gel-based. These masks are set to lighten the skin by closing open pores and smoothing out the skin. The mask dries and then is peeled off when dry. Peel masks get rid of blackheads, dead skin cells and facial hair to.

- Firming masks are usualy gel or cream form. Firming masks do just as the name implies, it firms and tightens the skin surface. They are massaged into the contours of the face where elasticity is lost. Firming masks are usually used as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle masks as they tighten and firm the skin.

Today, after visiting the gym, I used the first type of mask.

Free beauty tips: http://www.free-beauty-tips.com/gorgeousskin.html


How do you know that you really know someone?

... I would say you never know because you never really get to know someone.

As in the friendship, love, workmates... as even family, at the end, something happens which
(bad) surprises you.

That girl who was your best friend in the school for years, who knows "everything" about you: your problems at home, in the school, with other friends... and with guys... at the end, that friendship can break off and both of you take different ways... so different that you loose the contact. Sometimes you don´t want and you try to recover the wasted time, but how? how are you going to be the one who makes it happens?... You don´t do it because you realize that person is not who you believed.

And what's about that guy you were deeply in love? the guy who built your hopes up and failed to keep his promises?... For sure, you will cry like never before for longer, but the pain finally will go away.

In despite of this, trying to know people is one of the most interesting things we can do. Of course, you cannot, and you must not, show yourself totally to everyone, but you must try to make the most to learn and capture the essence of the others because it will be one of the basic things which makes us to grow as person and everyone has got some small (some of them "great") peculiarities which make them unique in the world.

So, please, open your eyes, smile people who you see and if you have the ocassion to speak to them, pay all the attention you can because for sure you will get something from them which will last and make you a best person... although you never see him/her again and you never get to know him/her.


14 Things to do in a bus for 7 hours

1. Speak to your seatmate... specially if she is from USA
2. Listen to music
3. Read some notes from the master
4. Sleep for almost 2 hours
5. Going to the toilet during the 20min bus-break
6. Read several pages from some book ("El Crash del 2010" - by Santiago Niño Becerra)
7. Wath the interesting movie the bus company offers. This time was "G.I. Joe" where the most amazing dialog is from "Snake Eyes" character.
8. Try to sleep a litle bit more
9. Lend my mobile to my seatmate to call her friend to buy a new flight ticket since the flight was at 20.10 and it was 17.40 and we were more than 3 hours far away from Madrid.
10. To think about what you can say a Monday morning after an Easter holidays for not going to work
11. To set ourselves new goals... some of them can be the same ones we sugested in New Year's Eve
12. Looking at the watch once again and wonder: how longer will it take????
13. To think about what you are doing at present and if you would like to continue like that
14. To search in the mobile calendar when the next holidays are
Movies which must be watched

- "El escritor" (The ghost writer) by Roman Polanski

- "Querdio John" (Dear John) by Lasse Hallstrom

- "Recuérdame" (Remember me) by Allen Coulter


Mojito night at home... with my mum!

Ohhh yes... today evening we did!!

This morning we went to buy a bottle of Mojito Bacardi.

My sister prepare it for us. She added crushed ice, sugar, mint leaves and lime and the bacardi liquor... and it was very good! (Anyway, I must ask the expert in Mojitos - Iván - if this is the right recipe).

Lately I like some kind of alcohol. The best one: Tequila!. After Tequila I guess I would prefer the Mojito and then the strawberry Caipiroska.

The first one I drank alcohol was in the Spring'05 in my first phase of Erasmus in Cottbus (Germany). There was a party in a house and they did not have coke, not water, no anything without alcohol! and I was so thirsty that I had to be satisfied with beer... but not any kind of beer, it was a botle of 50cl of some german beer (I don´t remember the brand... maybe "König Pilsner"?). I did not like it but I drank all and so fast! Without knowing how, suddenly, I was with a second beer between my hands. I think it was given to me by Filipe. I had drank half of the second beer when I realized everything was in movement... but of course, the only thing which was going around was my head!

I went my bed and fortunately, the next morning I was really OK. I have to search for some pic of this party, and I promise if I find it, I will post it.

Ps. Giulia, thanks for going with me to... you know where :D
Kristin's Plinses for Easter Saturday breakfast

The first year I was in Germany, I knew a girl whose name is Kristin and she taught me how to cook Plinses. They are typical from East Germany.

Plinse (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plinse) is similar to crêpe but ligther and "sehr lecker".

This morning I cooked for our breakfast. You can season it with cheese, marmalade... but my favourite is nutella! and it's as we did it!


Sunny day!

The perfect day to sunbathe!

Smile Friday!

May we eat what daily tables recommend or what we like?

Healthy food?

According to Jenn´s advice... I am not definitively reach "any kind of beauty" since today I ate all the forbidden food good for health.

In the morning, I had barbecue for lunch:

- Veal sirloin: 103 Kcal/100 gr and 2,5 gr fat
- Spicy pork sausage: 152 Kcal/100 gr and 8 gr fat
- Pinchos morunos: 346 Kcal/100 gr and 31,4 fat

If this is not enough, at night our dinner was a big McMenú from my adorable, wonderful and incomparable McDonald's:

- Hamburger: 536 Kcal
- Big French Fries: 494 Kcal
- Sandy with extra chocolate: 340 Kcal/each and 7 gr fat

If you add cocacola, it has got 45 cal/100 gr.

The recommended daily calorie table shows that according to my weight and age, I should have consumed 1900 cal, so it´s better I do not add up all of these "today values"!!!

You can find some of this info in the following link: http://www.lasdietasparaadelgazar.com/articulos/tabla-de-calorias-diarias-segun-edad-peso-y-sexo/

I promise I will check it from time to time and I will try to eat in a healthy way but without getting obsessed.

If you have any comment, please, post it!



Doy la bienvenida a mis tres primeros seguidor@s. Muchas gracias por apuntaros y espero teneros contentos y entretenidos con todo lo que escriba.

Podéis escribirme preguntándome cualquier cosa, comentar mis opiniones, pedirme temas de actualidad... Please, feel free!!!!

XOXX Pilar
Taking advantage of this sunny Easter

We have not had a sunny Easter like this one for long time ago. For this reason, one of the only things I´m doing is to sunbathe! I am not tanned but my skin is getting some colour... right now, a little bit red!

It is not very warm because of the wind, but it´s the perfect way to make progress in the process of getting tanned from here to a short period of time.

Jennifer Aniston's beauty advice

"Stop Eating S**t"

Maybe she's right...

"The Bounty Hunter (Exposados)"



La reina de la comedia romántica y el actor de 300 han vuelto a demostrar la química que existe entre ambos. Tras diversos estrenos por todo el mundo, la pareja llegó a Madrid para promocionar Exposados la película donde, según dicen, surgió el romance. Aunque ellos no se cansan de desmentir los rumores, lo cierto es que las actitudes cariñosas y la miraditas cómplices que se demuestran el uno al otro, dan lugar a muchas dudas.

Jennifer Aniston y Gerard Butler presentaron en los cines Callao de Madrid su película Exposados, una comedia en la que interpretan a una ex pareja.

Se rumorea que esta pareja podría haber empezado una relación sentimental durante el rodaje del film. Pero, a pesar de desmentir las especulaciones una y otra vez, Jennifer y Gerard volvieron a posar de lo más cariñoso.

Por un lado, la guapa actriz de Friends atendió amablemente a la prensa y aprovechó para negar, una vez más, estar manteniendo un noviazgo con su compañero de reparto.

"No, lo siento", dijo al preguntarle si Gerard era su pareja, pero "amo trabajar con él".

Sobre su visita a la capital aseguró que "es muy bonito" y que "no es la primera vez" que viene "a España pero sí a Madrid".

Por su parte, Gerard Butler cautivó al público español que esperaba impaciente su llegada y no dudó en atender a sus fans con una gran sonrisa y en hacerse fotos con ellos.

Además, se llevó otro punto a su favor cuando definió como "maravillosas" a las mujeres españolas.

Tras la premiére, la pareja de Hollywood salió a conocer la noche madrileña. Primero disfrutaron de una cena con comida típica española y después salieron a un conocido local del centro de la ciudad.

Cuando abandonaron la famosa discoteca, el actor escocés volvió a ganarse al público con sus amables atenciones mientras que su compañera se mostró mucho más fría y se metió directamente en el coche, tapándose la cara con la cazadora por el viento.


The great majority of hairdressers have got the same bad habit: every time they see long hair... they feel the need of cutting everything what they can!!!! although you ask you only want a couple of fingers.

My hairdresser always did what I asked, for that reason, I have been always faithful to her.

When I spent 18 months in Germay, I always waiting for coming back to Granada and visit her. After 4 years in Madrid, I have never gone to some of the hairdresser's saloon I have seen... and some of them had got a very good looking.

But yesterday, after almost 12 years, my hairdresser felt that horrible habit and did it! Oh my God, you cannot imagine how much I wished to cry after checking I did not nearly have hair on my head!!!! Yes, she did the same as the other hairdressers do!!!!!!

Now I have got a great dilemma: should I give to her another chance or I may look for a new hairdresser? At the moment, the second option is the one who comes to my mind...