Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad
I missed you so, so bad

(by Carly Rae Jepsen)


Happy Friday!

Love forever exists!!... and my Prince is somewhere

I got 3 new Nicholas Sparks' books:

1) The Best of Me --> Actually reading

2) The Lucky One --> Pending starting

3) The Rescue --> Pending starting

And since the last time, I have already read:

- Message in a Bottle

- Nights in Rodhante

- True Believer


"King of Pop" is not "Paul"

One of my favorite users ("King of Pop") sent to me the approval for move one transport to PE1 (live environment).

This approval consists of:

1) Send a test script with the data test in AE1 (User Test environment)

2) Send the TAF (Transport Approval Form) with signature

3) Send the UAT Acceptance Certificate --> Name/role + team/date/signature should be filled out.

When I checked the documentation I read the typed name of my user and I do not know why, I thought that in the second column I had the name "Paul" (manually entered) like if that "Paul" was the key user who tested the new report instead of Mr. King of Pop.

I re-read that part and after thinking: "how is it possible that he is sending this kind of approval?".

I forwarded him the email saying: "Thank you, but we have a small problem. Please, update then name of "Paul" and remove yours".

Immediately, he answered asking me if he did not write correctly :D:D... It was my mistake!! There was no "Paul" in the approval. It was the "P and L" team where he works and the "key user" is his role.

I started laughing (obviously, Mr. King of Pop should think that I am completely dumb!!) and every time I remember it... I continue laughing.

I had a smiling day thanks to this stupid incident.

PS. Do not ask me why he is called "King of Pop". I have never seen him!
Walking on Faces

This project is a contemplation of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt's sculptures (German-Austrian artist, 18th Century).
Ale's Hen Party

Flights bought since May, 2 years without seeing Alejandra and 1 year to Diana, 1st time in Mallorca... All because ALE IS MARRYING.

This Extravaganza Party had all ingredients to be a great one and it did be!

I was really excited about this reunion. We had so many things to tell us, many questions, much news, a lot to show us... and above all a "mountain" of hugs, nice words and million of "I missed you soooo much". You do not notice how much you can miss someone until you see them again and you feel it. Then, you are with them, together, and this feeling is so comforting. Time is stopped suddenly and you realize that after 2/1 years, they are the same (a little bit older... of course ;D) and the friendship is exactly the same as it was or even better.

Diana & Ale arrived to Mallorca on Friday morning and I did in the evening. A black cat was the one who welcomed me.

Contrary to expectations, I think that black cat means good luck. So, the weekend started well (ok... we will not have into consideration the delay of my plane).

My friends were in the room waiting for me. Then we went to dinner, drink sth and rest.

Saturday morning we missed the hotel Breakfast because Ale's alarm o´clock is 1hr delayed (UK time). So, we went to have sth fast to a bar and then to the swimming pool in a hotel close to Mariwent Palace.

In the afternoon, we started to drink some cocktails: Mojito for Alejandra, Piña Colada for Diana and Tekila Sunrise for me (funny/cry moment).

We went to dinner and then the party was waiting for us!

Firstly we visited a place called "Lunita". New places with a good offerts but it was sooo new that it was empty :D So, we decided to go to "Cuba" bar/disco. It was great! People really funny, lively and some of them really "peculiar". They helped us to keep the smile on our face all night! (As my friend Jessica would say: "it was impossible to decide who was the dirty dancing of the night").

We got the Breakfast on Sunday!! Well... we didn´t have much to choose because we were the last ones to go... but it was enough :) We continued sleeping at the swimming pool (some of us more than others) and we decided to leave early due to see the city a little bit.

It is a really nice city. I didn´t expect it. Many people in the streets, many terraces, fantastic weather, good food (and not expensive), "really talkative" waiters... and the best the sight of "El Paseo Marítimo" from the Cathedral. I love it!!

Monday morning every of us left, sleepy and "sad" but still with a huge smile on our faces.


 Girls, I am looking forward to see u again!! Lately, at the end of January in Ale's wedding :D