Has it happened to any of you?


Do you feel it? do you smeel it? Cities, shops, people mood start to be aligned with X-mas time.

Yes! Xmas is almost here. I have realized that after September, October and November flies! I do not notice them (although, November is the most unlike month for me).

Have you already started to plan Xmas? I have!

Which are your plans?


Everyday, I like you more!!!!


Since May, I´m a totally keen on the TV Series (all of them in Netflix).

I have watched 7. But the one where I´m most in is in "Outlander". It´s been a total discovery.

If you have the chance of watching it, do it!! Be patient the first 4-5 first episodes. After them, you´ll not be able to be unsticked from the TV screen.

Looking forward to getting the 3rd season!!!!!!!!!