Well, since the last week of May, I have been quite stressed regarding the PM Agile Certification. What was supposed to be in Zurich, it was suddenly changed to happen in London and the organization was quite bad overall from the beginning till the end.

I will omit the details about it and tell you “important” things to have into in account there if you have not been there yet.

1) Oyster card or RFID card – Oyster card can be bought in any tub station or Kiosk. With it, you can move in bus, tub, etc. It needs to be paid a deposit of 5 pounds and when you return the card, they will be refund to you. If you do not wanna buy that card, you can also travel using your RFID card. After you have been charged 10 pounds in it in a day, you can take any tub (for example) for “free” till the end of that day. No extra is charge after 10 pounds are paid with the RFID card.

2) If you get lost trying to find your bus stop… you´ll continue lost. Why? Because even the bus-drivers do not know where the other buses stop. And if you ask the people, the answer will be: “I´m sorry… I only take this one and do not know about the others”. Asking to ones and the others, you can be “lost” perfectly for 1 hour.

3) Once you have found the bus stop that you need, pay attention. If you do not wave your hand to the bus-driver, he will not stop. Yes… I write it again: if you do not wave your hand to the bus-driver, he will not stop. That´s to say, wave very clearly, even with the two hands to make sure that he sees you and he stops

4) Receipts… you must ask for them. Otherwise, you will not receive them. Even, the sales people will be surprised if you ask them. That happened to me in the supermarket.

5) “Massive people”. It´s the same where you go. Everywhere is full of people.

6) Football game, especially if it´s in the WM and England wins. It´ll be weird if you find someone who is sober.

7) A sunny working-day is perfect for the people to be sit in any terrace drinking like if there would not be a tomorrow. You can find perfectly 2 persons with 10 or 12 empty bier empty bottles and another one in the middle. Even like that, they are able to take a perfect photography.

8) If you are a girl/woman, you are lucky. In each group of guys, more than the middle of them are good-looking.

9) If you like grilled food, you´ll enjoy it in this city. Even with the mess that I had before, during and after the training, and despite the time there was quite short but very intense, I´m happy to have been there since I have known very interesting and amazing people.

At the end, after every experience the important is the people you find in your way. The good one make you happy; the bad one teach you a lesson; and the amazing people is the one that you will remember.


- Germany: Munich
- UK: London
- US: Cincinnati, Washington



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