The year of the Illusion

Need to share it: 2017 was a year that I had a very super moments, but also, I really disliked some of them. It was not an easy year and somehow, I wanted it to get to its end.

I was happy when the 2018 started. It started as 2017 finished but it was a new number.

Since then, I´m expectant. I know that good things are coming, but do not know when. So, every morning I wake up with excitement asking myself: "will be today the day?"

Does it happen to any of you?
Today was a s* day with a s* meeting.

Afterwards, I was not really focused and my brain was slower as normally. Even though, I could leave the office just at 18:30.

I was thinking, that at least, before going to sleep, I was going to be happy because of my well made bed.

But when I was waiting for the tram, one guy did not realice that he had to get off. The tram driver started to scream: "haaaaalllooooo, haaaallloooo, haaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllooooooooooooo". The guy couldn´t hear him because he had headphones and he was looking something on his mobile. The driver had to go to the guy, touched him and tell him to get off. 

When the guy got off, his face was a "poem". He was super distracted like: "where am I? what´s happening?". 

It was funny and I wished to laugh. But you know... I could seem a little bit unpolite and crazy. But involuntary, I met the face of someone else, who fortunately had seen and thought the same as me, and we´ve started to laugh. 

It´s stupid but this made my day. It´s a nice feeling. Some kind of connection that make you spend a "funny" (even if short) time with someone that is a complete unknown for you and you´ll probably never seen again. 



Some people cultivate their bodies... I prefer cultivate my brain


Every reaction has an initiator. 


First Frappuccino of the year!
(Sunday, 04.02.2018)


Do it or not do it? take it or not take it?
(Consulting with Miguelito)


Make your bed well every morning

Last Thursday, I met in the train to a workmate that I like to talk to him. He has at the momento a kind of "boomerang" in his life and not everything is going as he wishes.

But he told me: "Since you wake up, you need to put effort in make things well. That means, start doing your bed correctly. In this way, it does not matter what happens during the rest of the day. When you go to bed at night, you will see that at least, you did something right and you´ll sleep with that positive feeling and the intention of trying to make it better the next morning".

It´s stupid!! but it completely makes sense.

It does not matter how the things are going during the day, but make your bed in the right way and you´ll know that at least you did one thing correctly.


Yesterday, I was able to throw away a big quantity of shoes + handbags!!!!!!!! This is a great achievement. I had them ready for the garbage since June but till now, I could not.

We´re still in January. For new "stuffs", we need to have space. The only way of having it, it´s put away all old and unnecessary things that we do not use anymore. It´s the only way of see the new ones and leave them the space that they need in order to bright.