Today... I´m a Cinderella. One day on the top... next one at the bottom.
What will be tomorrow?



"When you don´t fear anything, they fear you" (JT Foxx & my Mother!)

This sentence sounds in my head every day stronger. That started 3 weeks ago. Then, it was my mother who told me. Yesterday, I heared it again. It was from JT. And today, they are countless the times that I have read it.

Stop. Read it. Interiorize it. Make it yours. WHOLE TRUTH.


What he thought: "Things were supposed to happen for a reason. Things happen for no reason at all, but they create opportunities. The question is, can you recognize that next opportunity when it matters the most?".

What I think: "Things happen for a reason and they create opportunities. We must have quite open all our senses in order to take the most advantage of them".

What do you think?


One of the "rituals" that I do since many many years ago is to walk around the swimming pool and along the garden with a suitcase just after celebrating the new year at 24:00. It´s believed that it will make you to travel.

The last couple of years, I do my "night walk" but with a small luggage or a backbag. Why? I just wanna make "small" trips.

We are in February and I´ve planned already 7 trips. It was one in Project, a loooooonnnnggg one, but I will put it in "stand-by" for the moment.


The year of the Illusion

Need to share it: 2017 was a year that I had a very super moments, but also, I really disliked some of them. It was not an easy year and somehow, I wanted it to get to its end.

I was happy when the 2018 started. It started as 2017 finished but it was a new number.

Since then, I´m expectant. I know that good things are coming, but do not know when. So, every morning I wake up with excitement asking myself: "will be today the day?"

Does it happen to any of you?