... If you wanna scream, yeah,
Let me know and I'll take you there
Hope you're ready to go all night
Imagine me whispering in your ear...

(via: Usher - Scream)


Se Busca Chica Camaleónica en la VFNO


1. Fotografiarse con un camaleón
2. Fotografiarse con el móvil XperiaTM U de Sony
3. Maquillarse in situ con el color del teléfono que se prefiera

A las 100 primeras personas que se inscriban recibirán un cover de regalo para el smartphone.

¡Yo ya me he registrado! ¿Tú a qué esperas?

Smiling Cookie

This amusing cookie has been a really nice gesture from one of my workmates :D


Summer Holidays ' 12


1. My "office" chair during my holidays
2. My pink dot swimming pool towel
3. Summer!!
4. My favourite drink
5. "Pescaito" bueno
6. Home Barbaque
7. Summer night!
8. Sisters pose
9. New nail polish
10. Playing with Golfo
11. Smile to the camera
12. Absorbing some sun
13. Good night Golfito
14. Jelou!!
15. Giving Golfo a cuddle
16. Sisters
17. My gorgeous sister
18. My great mother & sis
19. My lovely Golfo
20. Wasting time
21. My spy sister
22. My baby sister
23. Sleepyhead Golfo
24. Sis is ready for going out


Granada vs Zürich & vice versa