Gel Nails

Just after they are made, I find them, at this right moment, quite nice.

But as soon as they grow, I find them really disgusting!

Honestly, I do not understand how people can like to have an a half nail plain and an a half bend because of the gel and at the same time, how the real nail is growing under the fake one.

I see it every day at the train in ladies belonging to all ages, and I repeat, it´s disgusting!!!!!!!!!

Please, try to be more natural. And if you do not like it, then go to the beautician and keep your nails correctly manicured.


Seemed like an appropriate sentiment to share any day


These last days have been a litte bit chaotic. I have been quite busy at work, also, as I told you, working from home in the evening. Not sure how long it will last.

Because of it, I really needed to have a relaxing weekend. And in fact, I did!!

I have watched 4,2 films (0,2 because I spent the most of the time sleeping!):

- "The Mechanic": Normally, I like the films from Jason Statham. But this one... no way!! zzzZZZZZ

- "Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero": Although I understood all the English (please, check it), it´s a complete rubbish

- "Criminal" - Soooo good!! with a fantastic cast: Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds (short appearance) and Gary Oldman. I definitely recommend it. Seriously, you've to watch it if you like action movies

- One romatic comedy from TV - nothing special

- "Don´t breath" - if you like the tension, this is your film! You spend the most of the film as the title says.

I also had some time to meet some friends and "make some sport" in a recreational mall: basketball, pinball, darts and another one that I do not know the name. (I won in darts and the one that I do not know the name :P)



Today was funny. We were in a meeting and one of the participants had to go out due to ask sth to another one. When he was back, he crashed into the glass! There is a wood made door but I cannot explain how, he just crashed. We could not stop laughing. Even now, when I remember it, I still laugh :)

Our cleaning ladies deserve greetings because they really made a wonderful work with the glasses.


WFH... after office

This and next week will be "a little bit intense". I come back to my consultant schedule in the past: "I know when I start working in the morning but no clue about when I will finish".

Coming back home with the computer; switch on the computer when I arrive home; make a pausa for having a shower and dinner; and continue working a little bit more doing several test for several scenarios till system works as I wish. Exciting! isn´t it? I´ve to say, that it does be!!

I do not know how to explain this feeling well... it´s working with a lot of stress, uncertainty, also frustration sometimes because same scenario needs to be repeated more than twice, three, four... even ten times! But at the end of it, I get a result. I achieve the goal. I see what I was searching for. And I enjoy that feeling. Because of "new circumstances", it will last 2 weeks (I also think that it´s enough to remember the feeling and to let it go to start something new).

So, dear readers, if you are also working extra-hours, think that you have a buddy working "with" you. That cheers up!! (When I was studying, I made competition with one neighbour who lived opposite to my room. I saw the light of his room switch on till very late at night- or early, depending how you look at it :) - and it helped me to continue studying).