- Monday afternoon:

Everything in Switzerland works very well, everything in Switzerland is super well organized, everything in Switzerland is super super well done.

I go to the supermarket to buy bread. I see that it cost 2.70 chf (it was the price under that bread). I go to pay it and it was 3.90 chf. I say that it´s not possible because I saw 2.70. The guy comes with me and says: "mmmm, if you read the description above the price (small letter), it´s not for this bread, but as you can see, it´s easy to change the price from one place to another one".

Funny thing: that price was not for the bread that I bought (even if it was under the bread) but the price for that bread did not appear anywhere.

In the same supermarket, two or theree Saturdays I´ve gone about 8:15 morning (they open at 7:30) and the workers were still placing the products with all the "cars" in the middle of the corridors. Several afternoons I have gone to buy something and the shelves were empty and they didn´t have stock.

EVERYTHING IN SWITZERLAND IS PERFECT. Right. --> I say this because some people/friends from Spain think that everything that comes from outside (it does not have to be specifically Switzerland, although Switzerland is well knows for its organization) is super super cool and super super much better than what we have in Spain. It´s not true.

I ask for making a reclamation (because of it and because of the non-stock that I have found quite often - if it´s open from 7:30 to 20:00, it´s their job to make sure that there are enough products and everything is ready to be bought) and they guy provided me the name of the boss, who was not at that moment.

- Thursday afternoon: 

I went back to that supermarket to buy cream and bread again. SURPRISE!! The false price was still under the bread and no price with "my bread description" appears anywhere.

I looked for the boss and I explained him all the previous issues and he said that I was right:

1) If they open at 7:30, all products should already be in their places
2) If they open until 20:00, stock should be available until that time
3) He knew about the price issue and according to him it was solved. I said it was not true. He came with me and he admitted that I was right as well

Solution: He will speak with his workers.

Note: I´ll tell you about the price-bread next time I go to that supermarket.

- Today afternoon: 

I take the train. I took my laptop to home. I sat on a seat (aisle seat) that was free. The seat next to it (window seat) and the one in front (aisle seat) were free. The seat in diagonal to mine (window seat) was occupied by a guy.

There were many many other free seats. Then, I used the next-to-me free seat for my computer.

One old woman with a rucksack and plastic bag came in the train. She looked at the seat where my laptop was. She asked if she can sit there (even if the seat in front of mine is free and there are many others seats free). I say yes and take my laptop over my legs).

SURPRISE SURPRISE: the old woman places her bags on the free seat in front of me and site in my-laptop-seat next to me.

Obviously, my eyes openend themselves as plates. People`s faces around us meant that they didn´t understand either what was happening.

If you know me... you can imagine that my blood was consensing in my head. My brain started to think: "Pilar, you cannot say anything because she is older than you...". But Pilar became more and more upset. After waiting for 1 train stop and my anger was higher and higher because I felt myself indignant, I decided to speak to her.

First question (I already saw that she was reading a paper in English): "Können Sie auf English sprechen?" --> People around looked at us (because normally, people don´t speak in the train if they don´t know each other)

Old Lady: Yes

Pilar: I cannot believe that you have made me to take my computer with me to be sat and to use the free seat to place your bags. I thinkg that it´s very unpolite

Old Lady: Your computer is smaller

Pilar: And? You have the floor

Old lady: But I don´t like to place my things on the floor


When the guy in front of us left the train, she took that one.

The last straw was when a couple came into the train and the man was with a walking stick and she was not able to take her bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES, PEOPLE ARE VERY POLITE AND OF COURSE, IF THEY ARE OLDER THAN YOU, YOU ARE "FORCED" (because of your education) TO BE KIND WITH THEM. But... what about their kidness and respect for you????????

- Tram this afternoon (after my nice train run):

I sit in a free place (next to the window) to leave free the aisle seat for the following people when I look at something that was glued on the tram wall.

DISGUSTING NOOOOO!!! THE FOLLOWING TO DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not to say that I remained standing all the run to home).

Ladys and Gentelemen,

every country works in the same way. Some countries are better in some things and some others in a different things. Polite and unpolite people, disgusting/vomiting and lovely people are everywhere. So, don´t think that everything that is done outside is better than what is in-house and either that you are the best one because at the end, we find same things everywhere.