Time, Love, Death... 

Writing helps. I have done it during the last months. This is therapeutic. He and I do not know what to do to bring someone back.  Howard writes to things. I write to someone who does not exist anymore.  And believe me when I say that you receive unexpected answers. And this is because the most of the times, the answers are in us but we do not want to listen to them. When we finally do it, it is not easy. Time is needed to assimilate. Time is needed to put everything in order. Time is needed to clear up the mind (and heart). Time is needed to take a decision and go forward. Time will say with if it was the right resolution or not. 

From Love, Time and Death... I pick the Time. 


Weird chat

3 days ago: 

He: (smiling) you are very pretty today
She: (big smile) thank you, that´s because you look at me with nice eyes
He: the best ones
And they had lunch together

If you ever ever ever

Spanish chef makes history with second three Michelin star restaurant

Spanish food!!!! Love it :)


"Read, my child, read"



"Everytime you walk away or run away, you take a piece of me with you there"
(Lincoln Hawk's sons performed by Matthew Settle)


This is the picture that I got this morning before I went to the office. Gorgeous, isn´t it?

I had to manage some administrative stuffs for my residence permit. Because of it, I took my train later and I could enjoy this sight.

Since I am a child, I´m obsessed with the rainbow. Everytime that it´s raining with the sun out, I start unconsciously looking for it. And today, I found it!

I also found a nice sky starting with dark clouds and finishing in a very blue colour. That made me remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (if you do not see it, you are looking the wrong way).

I wish all of you a happy friday and enjoy the weekend.

Lifecycles Every 7 Years

My mentor told me that the life has a cycle every 7 years. I never thought of it. I new about the 7 years crisis after a relationship or a marriage but not about the life in general.

As I did not really believe it, we analized a little bit my life since I was born till the current moment. That means:

- From 0 to 7 years old
- From 7 to 14 years old
- From 14 to 21 years old
- From 21 to 28 years old
- From 28 to 35 years old
- And from 35 to 42 years old

The most important event took place when I was 7 years old and it determined one of my main motivations which has driven (and will) me during the next years. Also, in the other cycles, I had events that explains current and future goals.

As you can see in that timeline, I am starting now a new cycle which will last 7 years.

This means that I have to be really focus on what I wanna get and how.

Looking forward to seeing what the future brings me and how I manage it! :)

And if you are starting or finishing a cycle, be also focus because you can get everything what you really wish if you work hard on it.



I have started to receive mentoring. It´s something that my company offers and I decided to try.

I rolled in one and a half month ago and today I met my mentor.

Criteria to choose him: 

1) It was the oldest
2) He had a very high position
3) He works in a different business as me

Conclusion from previous points: 

1) He has a lot of experience
2) He should have a super wide network
3) He can show me the steps that he has follows due to get that position
4) He will be objective since he does not know anyone from the people whom I work with

All of these is translated into: "He is the one who can help me to direct my professional career".

I did not trust a lot in it and today I went with the thought of: "let´s see if it´s useful and he fulfills my expectations".

I´ve to say that I am surprised and he exceeded them! Honestly, the capacity and speed of thinking, the picture that he has made about me in some minutes, how he explained and connected things from the past to the present and how he has made me concious of some points that I was not aware... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Today was the first contact. I already have some homeworks to do till next meeting.

Looking forward to meeting him again and see where and what this will bring me.


Bruce says: "there's a secret garden a million miles away"



9 Champions: Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Márquez, Valentino Rossi, Jack Miller, Andrea Iannone, Cal Crutchlow, Maverick Viñales, Dani Pedrosa & Andrea Dovizioso.

Will there be a number 10? 

Aleix Espargaró can be on Sunday at the "circuit Ricardo Tormo" (Valencia) the #10.
She is one who when she is your friend, she is your friend. She is one of the most unconditional friends that I have. I love her. Her name is Szilvia and she comes from Budapest.

Yesterday we talked after long time without. That made me miss her more than I already do. But as I said, I just need to make a "click" and I will have her in a couple of hours here (maybe I should think in it ;D)

We party quite a lot in Madrid: from Thursday to Saturday in intense-mode-on; Sunday a little bit lighter; and from Monday to Wednesday, sometimes, some small go-out (shopping, drink, dinner, etc.)

When I decided to move to Switzerland, I was living in Madrid. She was the only one who helped me to search and carry on cartoon boxes from the street to my flat (yes, in Spain we check the boxes from the shops in the streets and take the clean ones to pack - buy is the last option). I remember that that evening was quite cold!

Obviously, we visited the "Vogue night" and tried all comfortable services & facilities that shops offer that night.

Thanks to Szilvia, I met Francesca (from Italy). Szilvia invented the "fish-face-mode"

And I cannot forget the time we spent in Geneve (because of me). I was a little bit overloaded with many things to think about and decisions to take. As soon as she knew that I was planning to go there, instantly without any doubt, she decided to accompany me. What started as a "ooooh-my-God-trip :( " finished as "oh my God!!!! trip :)

Since I live in Switzerland, we have met every year:

Looking forward to 2017, my FRIEND!!!!!!

"If you want, I want. I wanna live. Do not be afraid. Don´t doubt me" 
(by Manuel Carrasco)


1 Country: Spain
5 Seas: Mediterráneo, Cantábrico, Balear*, Alborán*, Cerdeña*
1 Ocean: Atlántico

(* Subdivision from Mediterráneo)


Felt in Love

Just 4,5 days to feel in love is what I have needed. I have felt in love with Vienna. I had huge expectations on it and they have gratefully exceeded.

I travelled last Friday to Vienna due to meet one of my best friends there. We did not see each other since 2 years ago.

My flight was the first one in arriving, so I had to wait for her. As soon as we met, we were "like always". Those 2 years did not exist anymore.

We got to manage everything well till we arrived the flat. Marta booked a flat via "Airbnb" that had everything what we needed: bed + bathroom. So, living room, kitchen, stereo, TV, etc. were an extra. The flat was in a perfect location (we just realized next day of our arrival after being about 1 hour lost in the city asking to different people). Then we realized that previous night we were just less than 10 min from our appartment! Yes, Marta does not have a great orientation either. But at the end, she was the guide and she made it quite well (except when she got upset with me because: 1) I never opened my map (which I lost the first day... it should be the only time that I used it); or 2) when I checked something on my phone and I forgot it after tell her the street names). That´s me.

In my favour, I have to say that:

1) I was the one in charge of the camera
2) I was the one who remembered the name of the streets/tram/train stops (even if I did not know where they were exactly)
3) I was able to get to a known and easy point for Marta the last night that we went out (Hi1 10 for me!)

We bought the "Vienna Pass" for 3 days and we wanted to amortize it. Then you can imagine: up - down - right - left - down - right - up - left - up. At the end of the day, we were dead!!! Literally dead!

We visited what we had planned:

1) Parlament

2) Rathaus

3) Universität

4) Votivkirche

5) Burgtheater

6) Natur - und Kunst- historisches Museum

7) Staatsoper

8) Albertina

9) Hofburg

10) Börse

11) Nationalbibliothek

12) Stephansdom

13) Karlskirche

14) Hochstrahlbrunnen

15) Kunst Haus

16) Hundertwasserhaus

17) Unteres und Oberes Belvedere

18) Praterstern (sooooo funny!!!)

19) Riesenrad

20) Donauturm

21) Schloss Schönbrunn

22) Tiergarten Schönbrunn

23) UNO-City

24) Naschmarkt

25) Cruise

26) Spanische Hofreitschule

PLUS spontaneous things:

1) Go twice to the Zoo in Schönbrunn (first time was closed when we arrived. We spent some time playing to be monkeys on the way to there)

(Right, I fell down from the tree)

2) Go twice to the Hundertwasserhaus because the first time that we went was at night and we wanted to repeat to check the nice colours of those houses during the day

3) Madame Tussauds (Marta's wish) - we had some dates with some nice gentlemen and even, we played some concerts with Mercury, had a therapy with Freud and sing a little bit with Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music" (Spanish title: "Sonrisas y Lágrimas" = "Smiles and Tears", nothing similar with the original one, hehe)

4) As it was the weekend previous to Halloween (on Monday), "Pratter......." was already dressed for the occasion. And of course, we had to participate! We bought a counter for the "crash cars" and another one for the "Passage of terror". It was sooooo much fun! I still laugh when I think in the moment where Marta, the one who is super brave and she is not afraid of those stuffs (opposite to me) fell down and the "assasin clown" had to stop when he saw that suddenly we had stopped screaming, I was laughing and we were stopped (since Marta was on the floor). He asked if we were OK, hahahahahahaha!!! What people should make in maybe 5 minutes, we needed ca. 15min (so much that the second couple joined us almost in one point of the path).

5) We visited some hotels: Le Méridien Vienna, Imperial, Hilton. Very nice toilettes.

6) We took a train by mistake when we found the zoo was closed. We thought that it was going to the exit and we were so tired that needed to be sat. But the train went to the "Tirolergarten" and we got a very nice view of the Schönbrunn...... (obviously, we missed the train back doing some pictures). It was the "Gloriette".

7) Buy a ticket for a concert ........ Original price: 54€/each; Special price for us: 21€/each. The view from our seats were quite OK but chairs were the death!!!!!

8) Having dinner in one of the most popular restaurants in Vienna (just by surprise).

9) Museums Quartier

10) Franz von Assisi Kirche

11) MAK

12) Buy "breakfast" in "Aida" (very known and cute place)

After the "busy day" that we had, it was normal that our jackets were the last ones to be picked (even the sofa with the broken wires in the lobby was comfortable for us!)

We made some "friends":

1) Zakarias (phone nr. 0043 681 202 55 381): the guy who helped us to pick the tickets that we had for the Opera and the one who got the tickets for the concert (Mozart & Strauss) for 21€/each

2) Eddi (one of the "Hop-on-Hop-off" busses in Vienna). We met him like 3 times the same day. The last time was after we visiter the .... tower and we saw the "yellow" bus by coincidence when we were trying to find the public transport following 3 italian guys. As soon as Eddi saw us running to him, he started to say "no-no-no with his head" and thinking: "it cannot be true again" :):):):) He asked us: "Where are you going now? It´s the last bus today"; Our answer: "We do not know. Just let´s see where there is a train stop and we will off". He was quite nice. We chatted with him during all trip.

3) The "guy from the Bermuda Bräu". He was a little bit old but very friendly. He offered his stool to us and he told us some clubs where we could go later. The second (and last) night that we went out, we met him again in the same bar. Before he left, he told us: "after knowing you, I like now a little bit Spain" (can you belive it?!?! First person that didn´t like Spain!!!!!! but now, he is on the good way).

4) Andreas & Cía - Nice guy who invited us to a second pub after the Bermuda Bräu was closed. He gave us his Business card just in case we come back there.

5) The "(un-)friendly waiter" - it was like a "yes but not" and a "no but yes". At the end, he invited to a drink to let us test something that I even do not know what it is today. Charming guy!. So, if you go there, give him "greetings" from me ;)

6) Johannes, one of the guys who organize the "best pubs crawls in Europe". He gave us the "yellow bracelet" to go with him and the group to a club without paying anything. But it was because I found a mobile (+ bank card + ID) in the bar toilette from a girl (Deborah) who forgot it there. And by coincidence, Deborah lives in Zürich and close to me.

7) Colin, "the American guy from NY". Very polite and a good dancer.

8) The "private detective" who came to us, invited to a drink and then left. Only at the end of the night, he came to talk for a while. Very nice.

9) And of course, the owner of our flat, Alexander. He was nice and patience since the flat of Marta had a delay of sth else than 1 hour and we met him around 2 hours later as planned.

10) Living "Halloween" there!!

We walked a lot, we talked without limit, we were infinite tired:

Our body hurt everywhere (specially feet and back) and eyes cried after so much laugh.

This has been one of the best trips that I have ever done in my life. Honestly. So muuucccchhh fun that when I remember anything from it, I still laugh and my belly hurt because of the still stiffness that I have.

Martis, thank you very much for this unforgettable experience. It will be difficult to be beaten but for sure, that we will try as we always do :)

Love you!!!!!!