What I like in X-mas

1. The lights everywhere (specially the shiny stars)
2. Child's hopes
3. The nervous of getting the "surprise" gifts from St.Claus and "the 3 Wise Men"
4. The parade of the 3 Wise Men and catching so many sweets as we can (or the rest allow us). It's the War!!
5. Holiday to be more time with family
6. Sing Xmas songs
7. It seems people smile more and are kinder
8. Special data to see/meet people you normally cannot
9. The bright and shiny Christmas trees
10. Christmas decoration with my family
11. The preparation of any ritual to welcome the New Year
12. People dress quite better as normally they do
13. The last minute of the year - this is the most exciting moment of the whole year for me
Is it too soon to start listening to Christmas music?

Heck No!!

Christmas countdown: 26 days!


Look at yourself after wathing this video

Nick Vujicic (Via: Patricia Martín)


I already have a yellow umbrella [ella, ella]


NYT: The New Icons of Fashion

“They want to choose my outfit, to dress me like a doll,” said Ms. Dello Russo, the elastic-limbed editor at large for Vogue Japan. “I’m thinking I’m a Barbie of the Internet.”


“Editors and models have become the new fashion icons,” said Tommy Ton, the Toronto-based publisher of Jak & Jil, a photo blog that charts stylists’ and editors’ progress to and from the fashion tents. Their look and quirky glamour have, in fact, inspired a flurry of advertising campaigns, product introductions and fashion lines. “Even celebrities follow their lead,” Mr. Ton maintained.


“To parts of America that aren’t exposed to Paris, New York or Milan,” Mr. Littley added, “those sites are a bible, a window on the culture that they take as gospel.”


Stylists who dress celebrities or direct fashion shoots and put together runway looks for prominent designers, were once fashion’s unsung worker bees. “They have been inspiring designers for years,” said Andrew Rosen, the chief executive of Theory, a fashion brand that featured a roster of prominent stylists in a recent store and Web campaign. “Now they’re inspiring consumers.”


Maya Chayot, a communications major at the State University of New York at Purchase, routinely scans the blogs for photographs of models and stylists she admires. Those people offer a glimpse of fashion that is “more authentic and eclectic than the fashion magazines,” said Ms. Chayot, 21, one that is “more obtainable for me.”


But style professionals say that the fashion glossies carry little weight with women in their teens and 20s. As Mr. Grede of Industrie noted, “a substantial part of the global readership has been migrating online.”

“I rarely look at Vogue or Bazaar,” she said. “But The Sartorialist is synonymous with my morning coffee. It is close to religion for me.”


All Of Us Can Be "Teresa de Calcuta"

If you remember, I posted two months ago that I had new aims, new challenges. One of them is to be volunteer.

Unfortunately, it will be impossible at the moment because of my work schedule.

Today I discovered that there are more ways of volunteering.

When I was getting home, I saw a man searching "something" inside the bin. I was surprised and struk: "Do you really want do be volunteer?". Without any doubt, I answered: "Yes, I do!!"

Then, I turned back, I entered in a grocery store and I bought some food and drinks for that unknown-old man.

When he received the bag from me, he said: "Thank you very much and Happy Christmas" (The first person who has wished me Happy Christmas!!).

I am not telling you this due to think I am a good person or try to improve the conception you may have about me.

It would be better not telling this story but I feel that it is good to share this act with you because all of us can be volunteer daily in many different ways. We do not have any excuse for not being it.

We have to open our mind and try to find out how we can help the others, people who do not have our luck (because if you have a cleaned and comfortable place to sleep, food to eat everytime you are hungry, you can take a bath everyday and washed and appropiate clothes for not being frozen, especially now... you can consider yourself as a very fortunate person ).

You don´t have to go to África or to any remote place/country for helping to needy people. Just open your eyes and mind, look around you and try to find out what you can do to make a little bit happier to another person

& remember

"only a simply smile can do a lot"



Smile Friday! (with my lovely sister one week ago)


Victoria Secret - Fashion Show 2010

>> Pre-show:

>> Show:

"Reencuentro - 1ª Cita"

... con Él, con Jesús, con Dios... con Manolico... Llámalo como quieras.

¿Por qué reencuentro? Porque llevaba tiempo sin ir a visitarlo. Solamente voy cuando realmente tengo un problema y necesito que me lo solucione. De hecho, nada más entrar y saludarlo con un simple "hola", he empezado a quejarme y a pedirle cosas (como es habitual). En cuando que me he dado cuenta, he dejado claro que de todas las cosas que le estaba pidiendo, sólo 4 de ellas eran realmente importantes. Entonces he empezado a darle "gracias". "Gracias" por todo lo que tengo, "gracias" por todo lo que me ha dado, "gracias" por todo lo que me ha "tocado" sin haber hecho nada por merecerlo, "gracias" por el hecho de que siga pensando en mi.

Después de hablar sin parar, me he detenido nuevamente de sopetón y me he parado a "escuchar" pensando: "¿realmente escucharé algo?, ¿me hablará y conseguiré oirlo?, ¿me daré cuenta si eso ocurre?".

No sé si era Él o mi imaginación, pero he recibido un "rapapolvos" considerable a la vez que muy razonable.

Nuestra próxima cita será el próximo martes. De aquí a entonces intentaré poner "algo en práctica" para "intercambiar opiniones".

Os seguiré informando sobre mi "evolución o no evolución".


Cookie Sunday

No to say that my mother loves to cook, specially sweet cooking and desserts. She is an expert!!

Today morning, she cooked 3 sort of cookies: cookies with cinnamon, cookies with almonds and chocolate and butter cookies.

All of them were delicious, but that goes withouth saying!

Happy & Sweet Sunday.
... Don't Stop...!


Will It Be As Fantastic As I Think?

Today I had a "super genial idea" in my way from my German class to metro.

I cannot tell you what this idea is about, but I promise I will do in the next month!

Cross your fingers and wish me good luck.