If I Were Rich...

Christian Louboutin Boot: Don't you want to look like if you have spent many hours in front of the mirror? Mix these Louboutin's with leggings, some beautiful shirt, leather black jacket and a nice scarf.

Christian Louboutin Plattform Sandals: Have u met with your friends for lunch and go shopping? Take these shoes!

Christian Louboutin Black Pumps: Ideal for working

Christian Louboutin Leopard High Heel Pumps: Do you have any "informal first date"? These shoes are the ones!!

... or the following Manolo Blahnik Leopard Shoes

Christian Louboutin Plattform Pump: Perfect for a daily client meeting

Christian Louboutin Glattered Plattform: For a great Extravanganza Party

Clocks Go Forward

Yesterday we had to change the clock at 3:00 AM. From 3:000 AM to 2:00 AM.

There are several studies which say that this clock change will influence in our behaviour because we'll have less sunny hours.

I don´t get to understand these hypothesis since I think I don´t feel affected by this changes. It's true that I´m lazier during Winter than in Summer because we have more dark-hours and more cold!! But despite of that, my behaviour is the same one. We feel waker because of the weather, not because of the clock change!

Isn't it this Stiletto by Emporio Armani fantastic?


Trick or Treat?

Los españoles consumen Halloween igual que Cocacola o McDonald's

I should say that I´m very "pro-America culture" but I have not ever been "pro-Halloween". I have never celebrated it. Maybe because I do not like to dress me up fancy dress outfit.

I went out (I think it was 3 years ago) one night like this one (without fancy dress) with one friend of mine, we got a witch hat, and people was soooo drank and so crazy that it reminded me to New Year Eve (the unique night I have very clear I´m not going out).

The tradition of celebrating Halloween night comes from the generation of '80 (I guess) since our parents did not considered it as a special night. For them, the important day is still the 1st of November.
Fan of Rachel Bilson's Style

... and Cameron Díaz's Style

>> Having A Sister Makes You Happier

From the NYTimes Article: “Why Sisterly Chats Make You Happier.”


Tuesday's will be mine

I've just decided that the Tuesday will by my day. This means that I will do nothing. Yes! I will try to leave the office early, get home and do absolutely nothing.

So, from now on I will only have time to do sth with you:

- Thurdays
- Saturdays (if I stay in Madrid)
- Sundays (if the plan is really good)


Disappointed with McDonald's

Today I was going to write about the great inventions. One of them was McDonald's, but after having dinner there tonight, I´m sooooooo disappointed that I don´t think it is.

The new slogan is: "If you buy a McMenú, the drink is free". My surprise came when I was going to pay my McMenú. I checked the prices which where on the wall and I did not see any change on it... I was going to pay the same quantity of money as always for my burger, chips and drink. Immediately, I asked Saleswoman about the promotion. She didn't pay attention to me (booohhh!!!) and I started to repeat: "If promotion says the drink is free with my McMenu and there is the poster with the slogan and I´m going to pay the same as always, I don't understand... can you explain to me?". After several times (I guess Saleswoman got bored) she told me it would be due to avoid the prices increase. I could not believe!!!! McDonald's is launching a false and deceitful advertising!!!!


Could you splitt off from somebody whom you have never been with?

One friend of mine asked me yesterday: "do you think that someone can splitt off from anyone if they have never been together?"... At the beginning, I did not know what to answer... Today, I would anwer “yes, it can happen sometimes”.

As follows the story:

My friend knew "Mr. Big" 4 years ago. Mr. Big was friend of one colleague from her. The first time, when they met each other, Mr. Big looked at her several times, but they did not speak until he was almost left when he decided to ask for her messenger address (no phone number!). After some days, he wrote to her an email.

From that moment, emails, sms’s, chats... were exchanged. The curious thing was that Mr. Big told her that he wanted to date... but he never could. He always had got the perfect excuse... but the real reason was that he had girlfriend!!!.

1st question: If Mr. Big had gf, why did he show some kind of interest on my friend?

During that time, she broke up with her boyfriend and just started with a new bf when he was free.

More Emails, chats, sms’s were exchanged.

Mr. Big started somehow a “relationship” with a new girl. But according to him, it was not anything serious.

Finally, after almost 3 years (maybe a little bit more) my friend and Mr. Big dated!!!! Yes! They got it! They went to the cinema and for some drinks. It seemed the evening ran well until Mr. Big’s phone started ringing, ringing and ringing. Who was? His “loving no-girlfriend”. Phone wasn’t stop ringing!! So, my friend got tired because of this unconfortable situation and she decided to stop the date. And of course, he went to the place where his “loving no-girlfriend” was waiting for him.

2nd question: If he was, in some way, interested in my friend, why did he answer every call? why didn't he switch off her mobile-phone?

More Emails, chats, sms’s... speak about future dates that never came... and suddenly he started with a new girlfriend (this one a formal gf). This did not mean the end of those emails, chats or sms’s. But of course, Mr. Big began to use the old excuses to avoid any date. Even thought, he started to reject some calls and not return them.

Well... a few nights ago they were chatting (again) about the feelings and what (probably) happens between both of them. Mr. Big told her that he had fun with her the day when they met... but he was/is not sure about how to manage the situation when he was with her. He thinks that she is complicated and rude sometimes, but on the other hand... he (and she) knows that there is something special between them. It cannot be affection (they do not know each other), it cannot be friendship (they have not been friends), it cannot be love... but...
3rd question: What could it be???????? What is that “something” between them that makes that some of them come back to the other?

4th question: If both of them had fun in the date, why did nobody call to the other one?

After 4 years and 2 moths, this “strange and bizarre relationship” has reached its end. He did not agreed but he respected her decision.

5th question: Why does he want to keep the contact? Does it make any sense?

My friend thought that it does not make any sense. Maybe some close day, maybe in the distant future Mr. Big decides to appear again.

Last question: What will you think it will happen?

After this story, do you think it is possible to splitt off from somebody whom you have had nothing with?


Next film to watch... "Los Seductores"

"Heartbeat" Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger

Although the next video is not the official one, I prefer it:


Life Is Beautiful - Love It!!

"Life is Beautiful , You must love it and enjoy it every moment of life ! You have only 1 chance of life , just live it like brave and heroic people!"

20.10.2010 - Will Today Be a Gorgeous Day??

Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!

Please, if sth. interesting happens to you, post it!!
Sweet Gift!!

Oh, yes... I received a very sweet gift today. It was a "plain chocolate with hazelnut filling" box. They are super!! I did not want to eat many of them, but.... I could not resist and finally, I ate 6 of them!

The great thing in these chocolates is the message inside the wrapper.

3 of those sms's were:

1st. What is love if not the language of the heart?

2nd. Love is sudden revelation, a kiss is always a discovery.

3rd. Without Bacchus and Ceres, love is enfeebled and weary.

Isn't it original?

Now I know I can get sick again soon!!

(Next day... more sms's!)



Is there people who really can contact with the other world?

Do you believe in mediums? do you believe in spirits?... I am not sure what I belive... but maybe I do.

I am not sure if we are sorrounded by them and/or if they are next to us, but I think that anywhere they are, they can listen to us and we can talk to them (although we cannot hear them).

Right now there is on TV a program where a Medium (Anne Germain) is contacting to dead celebrities or dead relatives.

Why do people wish to contact with their dead parents, children, friends? Isn't it to break the nature law?

I guess that all of us should say what we wish while we are alive and not wait to be dead. Once we are dead, we cannot do anything so it does not make sense.

We should be good in life, we should try to do our best in life and not wait for the other person is dead to realize what she/he meant (means) for us.

I think all of us should reflect on it. We have to act and express ourselves our feelings. Don´t wait to miss someone, don´t be afraid... just do it in the present. In this way, we will be sure the other person knew what we felt for her/him and we will be able to contine certainly our life without the feeling of having anything pending and without having the need of looking for a Medium and not know if her/his answer it's true or not.


Isn't it great??!!
Practical Love

When you catch a super-sized cold while standing under the bus air-conditionated in your way to Granada…

& then

your mother cooks the hot soup you really love every night,

& makes sure there is an orange-juice glass (Vitamin C) every morning when you wake up

& prepares your favourite blanket in your sofa,

& gives you the medicine you need

& stays next to you as you have a runny nose and cough and make all sorts of highly unattractive noises.

I guess everybody has their own definition of love…

But I think you would be hard pressed to find a fantasy mother where the daughter felt more loved and cared for than I have done during these last days.

Thanks mom for not thinking I am totally gross.
Gifts for my day

- Red dress
- 2 pairs of silver rings
- Green-blue cardigan
- Thread bracelet with message
- Small cakes
- Computer! (by me)
- Calls & SMS's


HEUTE IST 10.10.2010!!!!!
New H&M+GQ event

It seems fantastic!

(via: numen (all the inspiring things) )

During last week I suffered from insomnia. I have not been able to sleep more than 5 hours along last week (from Sunday Night - when I got Madrid after my weekend in Granada - to Thursday night included).

I sleep usually not so much, but last week was really difficult because I felt very very weak. And I wanted and needed to sleep but I was not able.

It's true that last week was not very easy because of work, but I don´t think (hope) it was the reason because next weeks are not going to be very easy.

Fortunately, on Friday I arrived home (my real home) and I slept without any problem. I was sooooo tired that I slept almost 16 hours in one go.

From last night to this morning I've slept almost 12 hours... so I´m recovering all the insomnia time.
Looooong Weekend

Normally, today, Sunday, I would be making my luggage to pick the bus at 16:00 with destination to Madrid. However, I´m in my mother's computer writint these lines.

Tomorrow is bankholiday in the Firma I´m working (at the moment) in.

12th October is "El Día de la Hispanidad" (and St. Pilar).

- "Día de la Hispanidad": This day is National Holiday because it commemorates the day when Columbus discovered America. I have never been this date in Madrid, but I always watch on TV the parade and aerobatics performed by the Spanish Armed Forces.

- "Día del Pilar": She is the Patroness in Aragón and it is also observed by the Civil Guard.

What am I going to do these days?

I'm getting sick but hopefully, I will meet with some friends of mine, look for my new computer, celebrating my cousin's son first birthday, studying for my Master Degree and German classes, and hopefully, sleep sleep and sleep.
Electronic Appliances

Since I was in the University, I realized that electronic appliances and I are not compatible.

I still remember the Sunday when my mother and I had to be off like a shot to buy a new HP-calculator. Yes, it was neccesary if I wanted to pass my Monday exam. Fortunately, I don´t remember why, "El Corte Inglés" was opened and we could buy it.

About mobiles... the times I have had any problem with them are countless. Also with my cameras and specially computers. Every time I try to do something new... a new issue appears.

Right now I need a new mobile and a new computer.

I think I already know that my new mobile will be an I-Phone (I hope that if I get it, it is not stolen again!!!!) and I´m doubting about a Toshiba or Vaio-Sony computer.

According to my personal seller in "El Corte Inglés", one of the new Toshiba will be better than the Sony one.

- Pros for Toshiba: it has got more applications than Sony, it can be payed since next March.
- Cons: it is black and it is 200€ more expensive

- Pros for Vaio-Sony: it is cheaper and its colour is fuchsia!
- Cons: less applications than Toshiba (but for me it's OK as well)

I was also thinking about buying an Apple (concretely, Apple Air) but it's more much expensive and I don´t need all the facilities it provides.

Smile (two) Friday(s ago)!
Hi Five to Francisco - After almost 2 years we met again.
Francisco works with SAP and we knew each other in ACN. He worked as a Freenlance and every day, after our working day he stayed with me in the office one extra hour. During those hours, he taught me practically all the SAP I know nowadays.
Francisco left Accenture, I left Accenture... and after 2 years he went back to Madrid, and of course, he told me.
We met, went to dinner, speak about our lives, work, changes, and of course... we went out until small hours.
It was really fun!! and fortunately, maybe, we will able to repeat it very soon.


Smile Friday: beautiful white rose