Oscars 2013 - Best Dressed Women and Men

My top 3 best dressed women:

1) Jessica Chastain - Armani Privé
2) Naomi Watts - Armani Privé
3) Jennifer Lawrence - Christian Dior Couture - top

Amy Adams was also really gorgeous in her "Oscar de la Renta" dress
For Men, I have chosen:

1) George Clooney - Giorgio Armani
2) Ben Affleck - Gucci
3) Bradley Cooper - Tom Ford
4) Hugh Jackman - Tom Ford
I have a crush on Bradley Cooper.
Beautiful Moon tonight (Zürich, 25.02.2013)


Awards "Goya 2013" - Best Red Carpet Dresses

Macarena García (Lorenzo Caprile) - Top 1
Rosana Pastor (Thename)
Ana Fernández (Santos Costura) - Top 3

Paula Echevarría (Dolores Promesas)
Maribel Verdú (Raf Simons for Dior)
Inma Cuesta (Lorenzo Caprile)
Clara Lago (Zuhair Murad) - Top 2

Hugo Silva (Armani)
Mario Casas (Emporio Armani)
José Lamuño (Pedro del Hierro)
The Diary of Anne Frank (June 12, 1942 - August 1, 1944)

This is the last book I have read.

The most of people read it at the school. I have started this book almost 4 times and I always stopped. After some months/years I took it again, I tried... and stop. Finally, I got to finish it this weekend.

I´ve to say that although it was a "little" bit hard boring for me at the beginning, I liked it at the end (specially when she starts speaking about her feelings for Peter Van Daan).

The hardest and most surprising for me has been to imagine how life can change so fast and extremly from one day to the following one. She and her family had to be hidden in the sealed-off upper rooms of the annex of her father's office building in Amsterdam. They were there 2 years.

Can you imagine yourself just for 1 week in a really small room that you need to share with more people just with the basic needs covered? I cannot.

This small girl was a strong girl. Despite of all what happened, she had still dreams and she trusted in the peace and good/kind people. She saw light where it was dark. She had hopes in a world where there was not... She was able to enjoy from a seladed-off upper room of the blue sky, nature, girls who were free and could walk in the street... So many things that we have and we do not realize.

This girl is admirable.

And I am really happy to know that her dream became real: she wanted to be a writter. She was afraid nobody could read her stories. And here we have, her diary. The diary where she wrote all her feelings, all her fear, all her hope... The diary where she described who she were: A GREAT WOMAN with only 15 years old.


Trip Changes

I´m really mad about the change I suffered 2 weeks ago when my hierarchic Manager (note that I´m not saying "team lead") decided to cancel the training I had in Madrid for 2 weeks. Then, my weekend (it´d have been this current weekend) to Granada was also cancelled.

That training was really important for me. Now I´m looking forward to know my "new tasks" in the team. Nevertheless, I continue in the workshops for Transport and because of it, on Monday early morning I´ll go to Mannheim again. Fortunately, people in Mannheim are really nice and kind with me. I hope it´s a good week the next one and we really achieve the goals we need to.
Carnival in Zürich

I´m not a big fan of the custom parties but I like to see what people wear in these events. I found this father + son in the train station. The custom dress is a "serious matter" for them.
Hi5 for these 2 guys!!

Lunch with Spanish Speakers

Today I had lunch with two of my workmates: Yolanda (from Barcelona) and Jorge (from Perú). Yolanda's husband and Jorge's family were as well.
Yolanda cooked a delicious "tortilla de patatas"; Jorge cooked "tortitas mejicanas"; Paul (Yolanda's husband) cooked the dessert: tiramisú (really good!); and according to my "cooking expertise", I decided to buy wine (Rioja).
Jorge has got 2 children with 5 and 2 years old. At the beginning none of them spoke any one word. Later, they started to make me some signs... and finally they were "my friends".
I have already commented that I like children "just for a while"... but the reality is that children like me and when they come and ask me to play with them, of course, I cannot say "no". So I start playing with them and afterwards, I am all day with them (I´m exhausted now!!).
I invented a game with some cards that we had. We had same cards in two colours: red and blue (the game had more pieces... but we decided to do the "easy game"). It consisted in finding the same card in the other colour. I cannot tell you how many times we have played to it. But it was funny because children had fun (and me too).
It´s been a good Saturday!


S. Valentine's Day

Well, today is the day where people in love show their love everywhere: train stations, restaurants, romantic dinners at home, street, emails/sms...

Some people think that "Lover Day" should be any day and not a specific day. Why? According to them, Love should be shown everyday and not just one day per year.

I agree with them... but what is wrong about to have an official day for love? I like it and not because I have boyfriend. In fact, along all my life, I only remember 3 S. Valentine's day with boyfriend (and I would say, that some of them, were "in the distance").

There is nothing wrong with today. And neither with people who are single.

For me, S. Valentine's Day is the day of love. Love can be with your boyfriend, family, friends, workmates. Because of this, Single people can celebrate this day in the same way. And even though, I think, we have advantages. Here some of them:

1) You do not need to go to any restaurant and pay for an expensive dinner (x2). If you decide to go to a restaurant, it´ll be easier to find a place just for one person than for two.

2) You do not need to wait and see what your bf/gf has bought you. If his/her present will be best/worst than yours. If he/she will like the gift that you have bought. It´s simple: love yourself and buy to you what you like.

3) If you decide to watch a film, you can choose the one you much like. It does not matter how many times you have already watched that movie.

4) Your family, friends... and some "secret admirer" can send to a nice message (you´ll feel the butterflies that many couples do not have anymore).

5) To be Singles is your option. This means that you are happy being single. Otherwise, go out and pick whoever you want can (although you are not in love) and have a relationship (there are many people who say that they are a couple but in the real life they are not happy).

6) If you are single, you have more availability to decide which of the invitations you receive you would like to accept ("variety is the spice").

I have received will receive (when I go to Spain) some presents from my mother and sis (every year we buy sth for each other). Today I receive a message wishing me a "Happy S. Valentine" from someone unexpected (nice gesture) and a colleage from work (girl) gave me the below note (I gave to her another one too).

I am not saying that be single is the best... It´s ok to have bf as well. But if you are single, enjoy it!!!
Happy S. Valentine's Day to everybody!!!!!
FYI: I have spent my S. Valentine's evening with my Insurance Agent checking the Health + Third + Flat Insurances for next year. Afterwards, pijama, pony-tail and dinner (I´m the only invited). Now blog and try to finish the book I´m reading.
I was really surprised today when some people with serious/long relationships did not know that today was S. Valentine's day. I was shocked!! And some of them knew it and just today they went to try to find sth for present. Amazing, isn´t it? - I, honestly, prefer my current status!!


Rodrigo's Birthday

Last Friday was my friend Rodrigo's Birthday. He celebrated it at his home and it was fun.

I met one guy that I know from Cottbus'2005 (Erasmus). He is from Cádiz but he is in Zürich since September 2011. We have never met in Switzerland until last Friday. It was cool.

The weirdest moments were:

1) Rodrigo was missed. After nobody knew anything about him, suddenly, he appeared leaving the bathroom and going straight to his bedroom. The next news we knew about him came when we went to his bedrooms to take the coats and he was deeply sleeping and snoring.

2) One of his neighbours appeared in his party. Nobody knew him. He came with a friend called Dennis. He spoke to me and he seemed friendly... a little bit strange, but friendly. Almost 10min after they left, I received a sms (we exchanged phones) with the following message:

** No Comments**


Sunday Afternoon

Afternoon at the lake - Best place to thinking about and take decisions (despite of the cold... it helps to do it faster)


Plans are changing... it seems I´ll not be able to go to Granada either Madrid.

My job description is going to change and I feel it´s not in a good way.

This week I´m in Mannheim and I have limited access to Internet.

I´ll keep you posted on the weekend!!

In the meanwhile, have a nice week and just 3 more days and weekend!!



Thanks Readers!!

I would like to say "thank you" to all people who checks/reads my blog. Specially to USA followers.

This week I had a surprise when I saw "Colombia, India and Egipto".

Thanks a lot! And I hope you continue enjoying it.

(Oficially, I should only have 23 followers)
Networking Weekend

I spent the full weekend sorrounded by workmates.

Weekend started with a house-party at Anna-Lenna's. Paula (from Brazil) came for one week to help in some tough Finance matters.

I seldom go out with people from my office, so the Anna-Lena's meeting allowed me to speak and know some people whom I do not normally have relation at work.

Talks were about work (of course), country cultures, old stories when we were younger, shoes, clothes...

All of us were girls except one guy from office (who came with his wife and daughter). The daugher is almost 2 years and she was really really funny.

We had an event on Saturday. It was at my workmate Christoph's girlfriend's boutique. She is from Colombia and her store has clothes, handbags, shoes and some accesories. I did not buy anything but the new handbag collectios is really cool.
There were a lot of people and I liked the "strategy". Big table at the center of the store with some snacks and drinks... alcohol drinks. This means that at the end of the afternoon, almost at close-time, everybody had some "grades" in the head... and obviously, when they looked at themselves in the mirror, everything fitted them perfectly. So, at the end of the evening was when the max. sale was achieved.
Afterwards, we met Amy and had some drinks.