So True!

Today I got my first fee... I´ll have to pay 5CHF for forgetting my wallet at home with my public transport abonament.


... Going to Granada!!

Ohhh yeaaahhh!!! I´m sooo happy. My dear boss has already approved that I can spend the middle-weekend between my two training weeks in Granada.

Chín - Chín


Unexpected Visit to Madrid

I´m soooooo happy!! Today I was said that I had to do two trainings and both of them are in Madrid :D

They will be from 12th - 14th February and from 18th - 22nd February. Last weekend will be spent in Madrid, let´s see if I can stay in Spain in the middle-weekend.

Friends!!! There I go!!!!!!!!!!

New Hair Mask (Mercadona)

When I was at home in Christmas, I bought a new hair mask and it´s amazing!! After you use it, the hair is really like silk and it has a fantastic smell. It´s a MUST!!

(Unfortunately, this Mask is only accesible for people who lives in Spain).
2013 = New Year = Much Expectations = Big Achievements

There is one thing that cannot change and I think it will not change despite of the years: "I´m a list person". But for this year, although I have much expectations, the list is quite short and quite important for me. For this reason, my expectations to get all the points are really really high. There will not be a minute to become careless.

All my thoughts and all my energy will be focused in getting the SEVEN GOALS I MUST to achieve. I will not to tell you them yet. But I promise, I will at the end of this "magic-to-be 2013" (maybe you will discover them earlier. Keep your eyes open!).


Xmas 2012

Hello readers,

Apologies for being one month out! And Happy New Year!! I have a lot of expectations in this 2013!! It must be a good year for all of us!!!!

I was 18 days in Granada (my hometown) with my family and friends. It was soooooo nice!!

First day I thought: "Wow, 18 days here. I have a lot of time to do many different and necessary things"... Last day: "Nooo!!! It´s time to be back to Switzerland. Holiday time has already flied!!!".

My time in Spain was for:

1) Being with family. I´ve to tell you that we have a new member in my family. My 2nd cousin has had a baby-girl. She is (objectively) so pretty!!. My cousin and her wife waited for me and I was able to assist to baby-girl's Baptism (lately, I have missed all family events because I´ve been always somewhere else).

2) I also met my school friends' babys:

          - Marta: She has had a baby-girl (1st child)
          - Eli: She has had a baby-boy (1st child)
          - Ana: She has had a baby-girl (3rd children)

I saw my friend Maria Dolores' children (one girl and one boy) too.

4) After 8 or 9 years, I have been able to assist to the Xmas Lunch (years earlier it was dinner) with my friends from my residential area. Now it´s lunch with big possibilities (and it was) to finish dinner and party because the most of them have already children. But once they are out... it´s difficult to come them in. It was a great time because since last Xmas I had not chance to meet them.

5) I had my typical appointments: hairdresser, beautician, laser, dermatologist.

6) The most of my time was spent with my mother and sister. We did thousand of things together and we had an amazing time together. (Also, maybeeee, I have to announce you sth in some months... but let´s see ;D). When I had to say good-bye to them, it was almost a drama in the airport!!

I really big smile comes to my face when I think in the last Xmas. Although we missed a loooot and remember "Golfito".

Of course, we had many presents. My favourite ones were a dress from my sister and a black top from my mother.

My main gift to them (I could say that it´s for me as well) was a flight for coming to visit me in May. Looking forward to see them here and show them where I live, who are my friends, where I work, and my favourite places in Zürich.