Frohe Ostern! ... I go home
K.A.P. Extravaganza Party - Edition I

Last weekend I went out with 2 of my workmates friends without any concrete plan. We decided to change the area where we normally go out.

We started in Hardbrücke. When I´ve gone there, it´s been normally to Hive.

This time, we were in:

1) Les-Halles: It was full of people about 22:00 but it´s quite good. The negative point: the smell. It smells a lot to "frite oil". You cannot be there longer because then, your hair and clothes will smell like that.

2) Aubrey: This club is quite intersting from outside. Entry is 20 CHF, but if you are nice and know how to negotiate a little bit, you can entry per 10 CHF. The club is nice but it was quite empty about 23:00. It looked like there was some kind of small party. After one hour veeeerrryyy interesting*, we decided to change. When we went to pick our coats up, the wardrobe-guy couldn´t find the coat of one of my friends and he started to ask us where we took the "paper with the number" (it´s the identification number that is given to you after you pay for hanging up your coat) because he couldn´t find the coat! We went inside and in less than 30seg, we could find it!
*Very interesting: very old man/middle-age woman/woman without underwear. First time we were there... and probably we´re not coming back in a loooooonnnngggg time.

3) Helsinki: Amy likes this place. It´s small and just a room with a bar, an small scenario and alternative. Music was good. I liked it but just for being an a while.

4) Talacker and Paddys - Places really new for us... I´m kidding. They are like the "must-two-places" we visit every weekend. We wanted to be different this time and go to new places, but at the end, we came back to "our-origin". It was quite late when we arrived, so, they were almost empty.

5) Kaufleuten: Again we were able to entry without paying (I cannot tell u the secret). There was an Oriental party and it was quite good having into in account that we did not pay. If we would have had to pay... maybe I would have a different opinion.

It was a nice and funny night. I enjoyed the time I spent with Kasia and Amy and hopefully we will continue our tour after Easter.

(Pic in Aubrey - just some minutes before we became shocked)


I bought a very big curlers last week (55 and 65 mm of diameter) for my hair.

Today, Sunday, I woke up early to wash my hair and start the experiment. After being all day with them, I got nothing!! Some hair ends were for outside... but zero ringlets.

I can curl my hair with the hair-iron, but they are in existence just a couple of hours.

Next time:

1) Hair cannot be wet
2) Curler needs to get the hair-root

Yes... I had never tried Kiwi. It´s one of those fruits that I see and think: "it´s soooo ugly" than is impossible that I can eat it.

That brown skin with hair... no way!!! It´s soooo unsightly! However, I have always thought that the green colour inside is a nice one. And the black sides provides it and original look.

Yesterday I was invited to eat at Kasia's flat and she prepared a Macedonia with several fruit that I have never eaten together (if I eat them, it´s one per one, at different days and never mixing): orange (maybe 3 or 4 times per year), grapes (I only eat them in New Year's Eve), strawberries and banana (they two are ones that I like) and Mr. Kiwi.

It had a citrix taste, what I didn´t not expect it... and also, I didn´t die when I tried it! I must to confess that it was good and now that I know him, I´m thinking that maybe I will repeat it (someday).

Next step: to know the texture of the Kiwi skin (I have never touched it).

Hi5 for me!

Good Saturday Night... and weird guy the one behind



My Working Place

We spent the most of our time in the office, so our working place should be cozy.

Since almost one month ago, I have been moved to a new building that is practically empty. I am on the first floor and normally we are:

- 3 or 4 people on Monday + new boss if he does not have meetings
- From 4 to 10 people from Tuesday to Thursday

Cool things:

- This building is warmer than the previuos one (behind me I have a heating radiator which I use to hug)
- We have coke for free
- Ladies Toilette is almost for myself (sometimes I have to share it with 3 more women)
- Windows are behind me (we need to get the sunblind down sometimes) and on my left. Although sun is reflected on my screen, I do not care. I like to feel it
- We have chocolate on the ground floor
- Chocolate from the machine is not really good (although it´s better than in my older building) but the plastic/paper cups are fancy (when I see them I have the temptation of start drinking coffee - I do not like it. Despite of it, I pour coke - Similar to coffee ;D)

Things to improve:

- We could have some heating in the garage. Everytime I need to go from one building to the other, I go though the garage because I do not want to walk on the snow and it´s really freezen!
- Entrance card: we need it for every door (to enter in the building, to go to the toilette, to to to a different floor...) . When you forget it at home, you are lost!
- Most of my work-friends are in the other building

I have tried to make my working place a little bit friendlier to help me to feel it like something mine and here is the result:

1. Scarf to support Spanish football (it was used in the Eurocup 2012 and now it´ll be for Worldchampion 2014)
2. My two-dead Pascuelos (typical Xmas plants). First one died after 7 months and the second one after one month (both of them for having a lot of water)
3. Headphone (I My hair does not like it. It´s not nice for me) + phone (really old and unstylish)
4. Pink pencil-case (from Ikea) with some pens, highlighers...
5. Post-its (I love them!! I have blue, green, pink)
6. Big screen (with a post it at the top which says: "No touch the screen. No fingers"). I really get nervious when someone comes to my place and they start to touch my screen while they show me
something. Sorry! The screen is not tactil!!
7. My laptop: I only use the keyboard. I like more the laptop keyboard than the normal one. When I write, I do not almost have to make pressure on the keys and it sounds less.
8. Placard with my name and role
9. My sister's xmas calendar 2013 gift - I love it!! Every month I have a different pic of my family
10. Picture with my friends Francesca and Szilvia when they came to visit me in Jan'12 to Switzerland
11. Picture with my sister and mother
12. Picture with one friend when Spain won the Eurocup'12
13. Some quotes that I like and my S. Valentine's letter of this year (in Polish)
On my left side is Leo (thank God he is here!!!) and on my righ hand is my boss' office (who normally has the door open).
This is where I work every day!!
Countdown to Spring!

See how I´m getting ready:
* 5th March - Important Business to do
* 6th March - Sign my new-next year healthy company insurance off
* 8th March - Connie's birthday Party
* 9th March - Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
* 13th March - To know my new role + tasks at work
* 15th March - maybe a visit
* 16th March - Vintage Flohmarkt (I do not think I buy anything)
* 20th March - Spring starts at 12h 02min!!!!
Pic. from last weekend - Pedro (the guy on the right) said "see u soon" to Zürich. He found a job in Spain but we all are sure he will come back. "Bis bald Pedro!"