My Top 11 For The Most (Old) Hollywood Gentlemen

Clark Gable

Alain Delon

Cary Grant

Gregory Peck

Marlon Brando

Rock Hudson

Paul Newman

Robert Redford

Sean Connery

Harrison Ford

Richard Gere


Thursday morning - CR Board

Almost every Thursday I have to present my French Change Request into the CR Board. This Thursday, I must be in the office at 8 o´clock in the morning. This means that I need to be got up at 5.30 if I want to take the train on time. These Thursdays kill me!!! The only positive thing is that if everything runs well during the day, I can leave the office at 4 (if I get to take the right train, I arrive at 7.40 to the office).

Last Thursday I had CR Board and I was the first in the office.

Funny thing: when I arrive every day about 9:10 am, many people say: "I arrived at 7; I was in the office before 8.... bla bla bla".

My question: Why every Thursday I arrive to the office before 8 I don´t see any of them and it´s the day that they had some kind of issue at home and for that they were not able to be there on "their" time?

... Any interesting answer?

Japan - Go Live

Last Tuesday we had the work-event because of Japan Go - Live.

Not many people assisted but it was really fun. We played skittles (for my second time in life - first one in Scottland), karts (first time and it was cool!!) and ápero (not much food).


Louis Vuitton - Fall/Winter 12/13

Amazing collection

Handbags are gorgeous and the fashion show is perfect. I REALLY LOVE IT.

(via: Vogue España)

New LV Store in Shangai
Happy Saturday morning :)


Pigalle (120mm)
VFNO 2012

6th September - Save the date!!
(Madrid, GB, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Korea)

Vogue Fashion's Night Out is not only the great night for shopping (every day is also good when the aim is shopping). It´s a FUN night where:

1) Many celebrities are in the same shops as you
2) Free gifts are sharing out amongst the audience
3) Free cocktails are in the most of the shops
4) Special editions can be found for a very reasonable price (at the moment this year for make up: Chanel, Bobby Brown, Stée Lauden Lancôme and NARS)
5) It´s just one more excuse to have fun with your friends and make new friends

Unfortunately, I will miss the 4th VFNO Edition this year (there is not in Zürich).

I should resign myself remembering my past Edition (the best I have never had!).



Last Sunday I flied to Bratislava to meet my B-workmates and help me with some French issues I didn´t know how to solve. Furthermore, one of my B-mates is pregnant and I wished to see her before she went on maternity leave.

The first time I was there, I really liked it. But this time, I loved it!

Behind our Hotel we had everything: nice restaurants, nice views and good weather! Yes, the weather was good. For the second time in this year, I started feeling that Summer is here.

Also, the office environment is really different to the one we have in Switzerland. B-people are warmer (between them) and friendlier.

They have moved to a different building last Monday because in the old one there are some "stability" problems. And the welcome to the new office was really "colourful":

Looking forward to coming back to Bratislava!!


Vienna Airport

Isn´t it well equiped?

1) If you wanna lie down... you can
2) If you wanna work with your laptop ... you have a "comfortable" table for it

Probably you would have seen in more airports, but for me it was the first time and it surprised me.

But the best thing w/o any doubt was to find "Chorizo El Pozo" (400gr - 13,90 Eur):


The BEST pic of today
Transport = Sleep

Well... it´s not new for some of you to read that every time I get in some transport (car, train, bus and specially plane)... I start feeling the need of sleeping.

My body relaxes and my eyes start to feel very very very heavy.

By the way, it´s a pleasure to post the following pictures where you can see that it is really common in more people.

1st July - ¡¡Viva España!!

After a really really hot 30th June in Zürich, the 1st of July got light with hail.

This day is when Spain played the Eurocup´12 Final against Italy. Great day! (bad weather).

I am not a big fan of football. But when Spain plays, I do be!

Fortunately, Spain won!!! 4-0 (poor Italy). It was the best match Spain has played in this championship. Street was plenty of Spanish people (and not Spanish pple who wore Spanish outfit and sang "yo soy español español español").

This day will be memorable!! Not just because of this championship but because of it´s the only Team who has won 3 consecutive titles (2 Eurocups in 2008 and 2012 - the first and only Eurocope where Spain won was in 1964 -, and Worldcup 2010).

(via: Eurocopa)


Vote for Alex!!!

Hi dear bloggers!
Please, vote to my friend Alex! She has done the casting for "Martini Royale" and she is super!!

The link takes a min to load. If nite then search Martini on Fb, then click on Royale Casting, scroll down until you see applicants and filter by Spain, then just scroll along until you see her.

You can vote once every day during the next 7 days.

(via: Martini Royale Casting - Alexandra Sheffield)