I do not know why but since some time ago I am a kind of obsessed with Santorini. Right now, it´s the place where I´d love to go.


Yes... that´s not exactly what we understand by "glamour"... but it´s the pre-step to have it! or at least, to try to be a Little bit "visible for the rest of people".

My friends do not understand when I say that for going out, I need to start 5 hours in advance when I have to do my hair.

It´s a ritual what I do (but nothing special):

1) Wasch
2) Mask
3) Liquid for untangling
4) Dry my bangs
5) Dry a little bit the rest of the hair (the rest will be dry with the environment)
6) When the hair is dry 100%, heat-straighten very fast just the superficial layer or curl it (lately, I like ringlets)
7) If I have ringlets, use a little bit of hairspray

Plus time to make up.

The step which takes my time is the 5th. I have a loooottt of hair, and when I say "a loooottt", I really mean "A LOOOOOOT". If my hair is not dry with the hairdryer, it can remain wet all day + night. Because of this, the most of the times I need to dry it after step 6 with the hairdryer (otherwise, it will take hours and hours).

Today I use a curler for my bangs (1st time). Let´s see the result tomorrow.



Despite of working in Baden and having lived at 5min to it during my 2,5 first months in Switzerland, I have not dedicated any line to this town.

There is no much to say about it, but since Friday, I have something: "Baden has more tan one interesting Street". Until then, I thought that Baden was just one Street (the only one where you can find restaurants, shops, people).

I discovered the river area on Friday. And although there are no shops, no restaurants, no pubs and almost not people, the are is quite nice. Also, there are small bars in some hidden corners, which make them very cute.

Furthermore, Baden is famous for the "termal baths". I have not gone, and honestly, I doubt I go. Not because people do not speak well about them (they do!) but because I do not like these kind of public places.

Here I post a picture of one of the places that I visited.

Following my Goals

After Xmas I decided to achieve 7 goals for this year.

At the moment, I have got two. One of them not with the expected result, but as I always say: "something although small is better than nothing".

The 3rd objective is on track and tomorrow I will start the way for the 4th one.

The remaining 3 are getting a little bit difficult because they do not depend only on me. But I still have 6 months.

Let´s go!!

¡Viva el Tenis Español!

Infinitamente grande Nadal y muy grande también Ferrer. Grandísima Final.
(Roland Garros 2013)


Safe Haven

This is the last book I have read from Nicholas Sparks. One you start reading, you cannot stop!!

The previous book to this one was "The best of me" and I needed some "much" time to read it. It is good but slow... and it didn´t get addicted to it.
If you want to read a book and you are searching for the right one, read "Safe Haven"!!!
Lovely Time

2 weeks and 3 days ago my mother and sister left to Spain and it seems like one century.

They landed in Switzerland on 7th May and it did not start as we expected. I went to pick them to the airport but they did not appear... after almost 45min waiting for them, I received a called from a lady who was airport staff and told me that my family was there and the luggage was in Madrid. They needed my data and I went in. The lady told us that the luggage will be in Zürich in the next morning.

Next day we had to cancel our plans because we needed to stay in Zúrich due to be at home when the luggage arrived.

The first day was spent at the Zürich lake and we were really lucky because it was one of the only days that we had warm weather and a shiny sun. My mother and sister loved it!! The only issue was the we walked a loooootttt (a loootttt is really a looottttt ~ 7 hours). We were really tired at the end of that day.

We did not receive any call from the airport, so about 17:30, we started to call to airports in Zürich and Madrid... Finally, at 21:00, I was said that the luggage was here but it was going to be delivered in the next day. After asking very polite several times, guy from airport consented to send it that night and we got it about 22:30.

Second day: Gruyére + Friburg. Gruyére was a little bit dissapointed. Although we already knew that it´s a very small town, we expected to see a Little bit more. Houses are next to the train station (just some of them were a really nice houses) and at the top was the castle with restaurants (only one Street with all the restaurants along it). All Gruyére can be seen in 15minutes. The best thing that day was the cheese fondue that we ate!! Incredibly delicious! I highly recommend the restaurant Des Remparts. If you decide to go, have into in account that the service only speak French and they are not really "nice or kind". But food was really goooooddd.

After Gruyére we wanted to go to visit Friburg but we took the wrong train and after 1 hour and a half (normally it´d be around 20 - 30 minutes), we arrived to Friburg. We only spent 1 hour there and we did not see a lot, but the Little we saw, we liked it.

Third day: It was raining and we spent the morning at home and then went to Ikea (you already know that I am keen on Ikea) to check some things that I needed and wanted my mother's and sis' opinion. We went to the Ikea which is in Zürich and not to the one which is in Baden (the one that I know). This means, that once more, we got lost and we were walking almost 1 hour with all the bags because we did not see any bus, no trams... nothing around!

Fourth day: Visit to "Schaffhausen Rheinfall" and "Stein am rhein".  Waterfall was awesome!! and "Stein am rhein" is a very small town (almost like Gruyére) where the houses painting is really special and nice. If you come to Switzerland, you need to go here! You will enjoy, hopefully as much as we did.

Fifth day:  Lunch in a typical place from Zürich "Zeughauskeller". As usual, it was plenty full of people. The surprise came when we were sat together with some people that we did not know (surprise for my mother and sister!!. This is not typical in Spain). It was quite funny (and of course, their reaction was the same as mine when it happened to me the first time). Afterwards we went to the old town and river.

Sixth/seventh days: Unfortunately, I had to start working on Monday (I was not allowed to take more holidays). We went to the old area both days: Niederdorf. And of course, some more shoppings. Tuesday evening we had dinner at home with one of my friends and it was quite funny.

Eighth day: We went to Uetliberg to have a beautiful view from Zürich and my mother and sister met one more of my friends. Later, we went for dinner with a different friend of mine.

Last day: Wake up early and go to the airport. Hard day.

After they were here and they left, I missed them soooo much (even though more tan when I come back from Spain). The feeling of having someone at home, waiting for you when you leave the office, to have your mum's food, joys with both of them, to do everything with someone... it is really great and probably, we do not appreciate it as much as it deserves when we have it everyday.

Now, I look at the pictures quite a lot and wait for the next time I go to Spain that unexpectedly will be in the middle of June!!! (I just knew it last week). I will spend almost 5 days at home!


Tough Time

These last weeks have been a very busy (and some of them, tough) weeks.

I have had some changes at work and some of them have not been easy to be assimilated. Automotivation has been fundamental. Now, I am learning how to channel my energy and filter all things that I do not like at the same time that I try to focus only in the important things which will help me to grow up in my professional career. This is not something extraordinary. I guess that it happens in every work everywhere at some moment to everybody.

I have also been studying very hard for my Master and right now, I am in a good position to think that I have progressed a lot and I will get (hopefully) a good result.

The most important during this time has been the visit of my mother and sister! I was so excited about it!! First time they came to see where I live, to know some of my friends, etc. This has been the best time since I was at home in Easter.

Here you have all the reasons why I have been lost and not written anything.

I hope that everything is fine with all of you. And if there is something wrong, I can say: "Do not worry, time will help you and everything will come to its right place".