Super Proud Of My Sister

My Sister got it!! She is an Engineer!!!


Her Project is an "Underground Parking with a Park in the Surface".


I am super proud of her... and not only because she has finished her career. I´m super proud because SHE IS MY SISTER.

I have not always been nice with her... neither now I am... we still discuss for the clothe. But the most of the times, she has been with me.

When we were children, my mother forced me to bring my sister to my every friend's birthday. Of course, when there was a game where we needed a couple, I had to be with her because nobody wanted to be for not losing... Obviously, my sister and I were the last ones.

When I went out with my neighborhood friends, my sister had to come and I had to take care of her every minute. Of course, she did not want to go home before I did.

I complained so much!! but now, they are the best moments I have spent. The moments with my sister.

When I made her cry and after 5 minutes she was smiling to me again.

When I cheat her several times and she trusted me when I said that the next time was going to be the real one.

When I asked her to come with me to the toilette (this one is weird!!) to give me her hand and I said that I was going to do the same for her (and I didn´t)... She complained but she always came with me.

When she allowed me to choose in the first place when my grandmother gave us some gifts.

When she told me that someone bothered her and I went to quarrel with her/him (also hit them... one of them was the daughter of one of our school teachers).

When she was very happy that her big sister played to her (even in my friend's birthdays).

When she remembers every important event that I have and send to me the good wishes or the congratulations (together with my mother).

... And after almost 28 years old, all these "small but huge acts" remain (... except the one for the toilette. She has learned :D)... make me LOVE MY SISTER WITH EVERY INCH OF MY HEART!!