Is CONCILIATION valid for everybody or just for some of us?

Since some weeks ago, I have thinking about the famous word that everybody speaks about: "Conciliation". Mainly, this word is used to request a balance between profesional and personal life. But this balance is usually focused to people who have children.

My question is: why do not we speak about concilation also for people without children? do not we have parents, siblings or "someone/something" that needs our time and dedication? Even if it´s just to enjoy our hobbies... do not we have the right to be able to work and have time to make what makes us happy in our personal life?... It seems that "Concilation" is just valid for people with children.

But I do not stop here... I go further and because of it, I would like that my friends/followers give their opinion about this topic.

I was having lunch 2 weeks ago with some of my workmates: 1 guy and 2 women.

The man started to explain that his wife WAS NOT ALLOWED to take holidays in August because her workmates had children and her baby was not in the school-age.

I opened my eyes like plates and politely ask to repeat again because I thought that I had not correctly understand. I was wrong... my hearing worked properly: HIS WIFE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE HOLIDAYS BECAUSE THE BABY WAS NOT IN SCHOOL-AGE AND PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN IN SCHOOL-AGE HAVE PRIORITY TO TAKE HOLIDAYS.

Obviously, I was scandalized and indignant. Why someone with children has priority over me to take holidays just for the simple fact of having children?????  Do not we call it "discrimination"? Can a boss really say: you cannot take holidays at this time because your workmate with children in school-age has priority?

Sorry???!!!??!!! Are we in centuri XXI or in the stone age?

The most shock for me was that it was normal for them!! Of course, I started a debate because I did not understand it (somehow, I already knew, that it was not going to be possible).

Arguments from my colleagues: 

1) Schools are closed so they are mandatory holidays for children

2) Children are not self-sufficient and they need the parents to take care of them

3) People without children are more flexible and they can organize better their holidays (in the case that I want to spend my holidays with my mother, sister or any friend)

4) People without children need to understand the needs of the children (and their parents)

My arguments: 

1) There are companies that also close in a fixed month --> that will not allowed that for example, my sister takes holidays any other month when the children from my teammates have school

2) We can have someone in our family (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) that have a disease or a handicap and they are also not self-sufficient and need from our help.

3) People with children can also be flexible - they can leave the children with any familiar, contract any baby-sitter or enroll the children in a summer school or camp or whatever

4) People with children could understand the needs of the people (or their family) without children

5) To have children is a personal option that have not been checked with the rest of the teammates without children. So, if they have "a problem", why should they transfer that "issue" to people without children if they have not chosen them? People without children but with parents did not have any choice... so, we have parents because they chosen and now, maybe, we need to take care of them. We do not transfer "any problem" to the people with children as a result of "the personal option of having parents because we did not decide it"

The holidays-priority to people with children is an unwritten-rule but a rule that I, theoretically, must assume.

Now, I would really read/know your opinion. And mayyyyybbbbeeeeee I get to understand this "unwritten-rule but rule".

Thanks in advance!!!!!!

PS: One of the answer to my argument #5 was that they also decide to have children to help the State and to have someone who can pay our retirement.... buttttttt until my knowledge, I´m already pay for those children who are not mine and nobody has checked with me to have them and ask me if I want to pay or not for them


"WHAT" & "IF"

There are times in life where you think that everything goes well (or quite well) and u really feel happy.

Sometimes we do not realize, but unconsciously, we are continuously taking decisions, each day, each minute and almost every second. That´s life: take decisions and manage the consequences.

Also, when u feel that you are happy and you (have learned to) enjoy what you are, what you have, whom u are with… even then, you have to take decisions. Sometimes because of your-own-will, and sometimes because something unexpectedly come to you. Maybe you wished it, maybe not. 

Then comes to your mind the two wonderful words: “what” and “if”.

I have found something in google related to a film, "Letter to Juliet", that could not be described better what I think about those two words. The two words that putting together can destabilized the “wonderful world” where we thought that we were living: “WHAT IF”.

To solve that question, we need to renounce to something to be able to take the chance and get something that we wish or we think that we wish. At the end, there will be always a “WHAT IF” without answer… and we will have to learn to live with it. Or maybe, some day, the bravest people will be able to get the answer that they have been looking for, perhaps, a long time.


Hurry Up! Hurry Up!!

In September 2014, I started to work in a new office which takes me 1h and 10min (from door to door).

Today, I left the office relatively early: at 16:55 (I started at 6:45). That meant, that I would be at home about 18:30 because I needed to buy carrots in the supermarket to cook my soup.

Everything was according to my plan:

1) At 18:05: arriving in train station
2) At 18:30: arriving home
3) At 18:40: first washing machine
4) At 18:50: preparing soup
5) At 19:00: soup cooking and I call my mother

Wrong!! One of the ingredients for the soup was missing. After thinking about 2min what could be the possible result of the soup of not having that ingredient, thinking that I was already an a half undressed and with my hair upsweep... I decided not take the risk of cooking the soup without it (celery) and went super fast to the grossery close to my house (maybe 45sec with fast walking).

I took my coat, put my shoes and went to the shop. I got there about 19:10 and it was already closed!!!

Alarm inside my head started to ring!!! ninooooo ninooooo ninooooo!! Yes, I had to go to a supermarket which is 4 min from my house. Problem? Not the 4 minutes but....

Yes!! I have gone out without my skirt and with my bobby pin on my hair!!!! Not to say, that the hood was all the time on my head.

That´s one of the advantage of the cold weather here!!!

And no, I was not cold because I went as fast as my feet allowed me.

Next time, when u see me like that, you will have to think about what is (not) behind my coat ;)


Dear friends, 

After 1 year and 4 months, I have decided that it is time to come back. To coming back to my blog. 

Little by little, I will tell you what has been going on during all this time and what is coming. I will tell you funny stories and not so funny stories. I will post some pictures of beautiful places where I have been and "some scary pictures" (you will understand what I mean when you see them) ;)

For sure, I will not have so much time as I had when I started to write, but I will keep you updated.

I hope you like and enjoy it again. 

New Post will be on Monday, 8th February.

Cheers for all of you!! :)