Happy Night!
Tadeo Jones 2 - it "was shot" in Granada 

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  • "If you like someone, let them know it. If you do not like someone, never let them know it"
  • "Pilar, you have to be always you. But you cannot always give the 100% of you. Sometimes you have to give 50% or even 20%"
  • "Sometimes is good to keep in silent. Leave. Meadiate it. And give a step back"

(by my mentor's mentor - wise woman)
As some of you know, lately, work-personal life is a little bit "unstable". I work a lot but I have had free days/weeks too. 

But I am happy. I am happy because I am able to organize my work. I am able to work (hard) at the best time for me. I am able to rest when I need it. And as my mentor said, "work is an activity and not a location". She is sooo right. 

Three weeks ago were completely crazy!! I do not know if there is a word above "super-mega-hiper overloaded". If it exists, I take it!! On the other hand, two weeks ago, I was able to enjoy some days with my family. They came to visit me and we spent an amazing time together (looking forward to repeating it!!!!). And this week, again, crazy week. 

Some times, I am stressed. But I like this kind of stress. I have the know how. I know what I have to do and how I wanna do it. I am the one who decides and I have the full support of my manager. So, I see results since the first second. And I enjoy with it. And I enjoy it, because I´m good. I am good in this kind of job.

In some days, I have the deadline. Then the deployment. Afterwards the execution... and I will be able to see the full result about my hard work. 

I will keep u informed! 

Good night!!



1st of July!!! I love this day. Do not ask me why, but I have always liked July.
This is the beginning of the summer for me and I loooovveee iiiitttt!!!!