Bed, Kleenex & Computer (2016) vs. Party (2012)

Uuuuuuooooooooo!!! Already 3 days with the Flu!

I´ve spent my last 2 nights (and a big part of yesterday and today morning) in bed/Sofa, kleenex and my computer. The difference regarding this night is: no fever anymore :)

And 4 years ago, one day as today:


A Great 35-Birthday!
¡Viva la vida!

Yeah! I am 35 years old now!!!!!. All birthdays are quite important for me, but the 30s ones are being the best!

Some people do not like to get older. Well, I´m out of those people. I love it!! And I appreciate it more since I cannot celebrate them at home for several reasons:

1) I can have different parties
2) I receive a lot of messages, phone calls... and even letters
3) The known people circle increases with the years
4) Gifts. Specially the ones that are made just for me
5) Some unexpected people surprises you
6) And the best one... there are people (family and real friends) that are always there to wish you a happy birthday and make everything what they can due to help me to have the best birthday ever although I´m not at home with them
7) I make a wish (an important one of course!!!)
8) Gift a bouquet of carnations to my mother (it´s a tradition that I started when I left home. If I will be "n" years old, the bouquet has got n-1 red carnations + 1 white carnation)

All of that makes me to love my birhday!!!!!

This year has been celebrated 7 times!

1) Twice in Granada with my family

From my sister

Celebration at home

From my sister

Celebration in the city
From my mother

2) Thursday night - dinner with a good friend of mine (from my work time in Dättwil)

3) Friday evening with Jessica. Lately, every birthday party that we make brings surprises... and the best ones are when we decide just going out without a real plan. The typical: "just let´s go to the same place as always, drink something and we will see what we would like to do later". This birthday night was like that! We met one of our oldest friends in Zürich with his friends + strangers that made the night a surrealistic one (honestly, very surrealistic!!! even if it would be my birthday wish, it could not have been more surrealistic).

4) Sunday lunch

Surprise! gift at work
5) Tuesday at work with my workmates (I receive 2 gifts and 3 unexpected greetings from people that remembered my birthday from last year). Fortunately, the cake was a good one ("almost" as the ones from my mother)!!!! (the previous cake was completely burnt!!!)

Baked by me!

6) Tuesday night - dinner in a Restaurant that I had not been yet and "the happy birthday - blow out the candles" via skype with my family (it was sooo funny!!)

After this intense week of celebrations, a few hours of sleeping, coming back home late (which is quite cold!), etc. I´ve got sick. I had to leave earlier the office today and try to make home office tomorrow. I have a flu as big as a cathedral!!

Bed, "TV in computer" and tons of kleenex!!

Looking forward to seeing what is coming in my 35 years old!!!!!!!


Welcome Autumn'16!

Yes, today is the first Autumn day of 2016. I have said several times that my favourite season is Summer and I do not see the time it comes above all since I live in Switzerland.

Summer gives me energy. Days are longer. People are in a better mood. Clothes and shoes, specially sandals, are nicer. But I have to say that I also like Autumn. Better said, the beginning of the Autumn. These days where the air is fresh (after a very veryyyyy hot holidays that I had in Spain), the colour of the leaves from the decidious trees. The only part that I´m not enthusiastic is about the duration of the days... shorter and shorter. Waking up with the darkness and coming back home with the darkness.

Beside it, I´m happy to welcome it... and I will keep my fingers crossed due to have a little bit more of nice weather and leave the cold just for the winter.

Dear Summer, looking forward to seeing you again but meanwhile, I will enjoy this Autumn :)


Starting the first week after my holidays is not easy!! Now I miss the mornings where I could sleep a lot but I woke up early. It was soooo difficult to wake up this morning! Because of it, I slept a little bit more and went to the office a little bit later. However, I went to my Yoga class and tried to make all the exercises with quite success. Hi5 for me today! There were 2 exercises that I could not make it quite well but the rest were quite good.

Next week, the Yoga class will be free because of my birthday! So, it´s a plus point for going (you already know that I am very lazy and zero persisteng for the exercise).

I wish to all of you a very nice evening and hopefully I wake up tomorrow at 5:08 as planned and without aches and pains in my body.


Conclusions of the N-20 days of spoiling me

1. Redefinition of priorities: I have been able to "survive" without doing/postponing things that I thought that were mandatory. Instead of it, I invested my time in doing something that I really liked and as a consequence, when I did the "not-liking things" I was faster and did it with a better mood

2. Spend more time with my friends is something that makes me happier and help me to "pull out" my concerns, negative thoughts... and see things from a different perspective

3. Rest and eat well is very important

4. The most important conclusion is that when I have done things as I liked and when I was ready for it, my mood was nice; my thoughts were positive; I have given but received much more; I was open to try out new things; I was more focused in the thema were I was workin on.

Definitively, I was happier and felt more comfortable with myself.

At the beginning, it was not easy. I had to make an effort. But with the time, it became as something natural... and suddenly, new and better things came to myself by themselves. At the end, the most of the times, I did not have to make or force anything. It just came... and it was more than welcome by me.

I will try to follow this routing from now on.

In fact, something unexpected during summer came to me by coincidence and I am quite motivated with it. If this "project" comes ahead, I will have something else to do during the next 4 years :)
Cross your fingers and wish me good luck!

I wish all of you a nice weekend and see u on Monday!

And remember:

N: Flying home and be with MY FAMILY

I do not like to flight... Every time I like it less and less. Yes, I´ve started to be afraid of it. But it´s the best way for me to go home. And it´s worth it. It´s worth it because I love to see my family at first line after the airport door is open. I love to see their happy faces when they see me. I love the feeling that I have to see them and think: "yes, I´m at home" (even if it´s in Málaga and not yet in Granada).

Only people who is living abroad for long time can understand this feeling. And for sure, they will agree that it´s one of the best ones! Kisses, hugs, stumble over words because you wanna tell them so many things that your tongue cannot go faster, etc.

This feeling is completely the opposite to the one that we have when we leave home (of course).

I saw my family, we made some shoppings in Málaga and later we went home, to Granada, and had a super "tortilla de patatas" for dinner. Sleep in my dear bed and start enjoying my holidays!
N-1: Packing for my holidays

This entry comes with a little bit of more than 2 weeks of delay. The day N-1 was to make the last arrangements for my holidays and pack.

I love the feeling before coming back home!!