Street Parade

Las weekend was not good... but this one has been super! This weekend was the Street Parade in Zúrich and it´s been my first time here (I was on holidays in Spain last year).

I went with my friend Jessica, one "friend" of mine and some more Jessica's friends.

We met about 13:00 and our particular Street Parade started.

Everybody said that this is the hughest party in Zurich. More than one million of people were expected. Extravagant customs. Drugs and people deeply drank.

I thought that I would not like this party... but I did!

There were not so much people as I thought and people was not "terrible" as I expected. I had much fun and it was worth!

I´ll work on my custom for the next year.


Happy Swiss National Day!

National Swiss day was on Thursday and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I had to work and I couldn´t enjoy it as it deserves.
Next year, if I am still here, for sure, I will!
"When things can be worst... sometimes there is an exception and they get better"... This is what happened in my weekend. It´s finally finished very good :)


A Little Bit Exhausted

Again, after more than 1 month, I have written anything.

My life is a non-stop right now. No time for anything. No time for myself.

At the beginning of July we started one of the hardest phase in the Project: User Acceptance Test (UAT). The planning had to be done. The coordination had to be ready for the day "D". Both were a little bit difficult because planning was able to change 2 and 3 times during the same day some days.

In the meanwhile, many ideas in my head and a lot of things that I wanted to do. But everything what I wanted was placed in the background.

Days ran and suddenly I´m here again. At the same situation: travelling every week to Mannheim. Long days. Work the same. Issue the same. Same new-routine and the happiest moment is when I get my flat. But this lastes only some minutes because I realize that I have to unpack, eat something for dinner, feel slept on the sofa. Then go to the bed and working next day (Friday).

Then Saturday is here for washmaschine, buy something for my fridge, ironing the clothe from previous week, study, maybe meet someone and suddenly I´m packing again for being in Germany from Monday to Thursday.

This week had something different: I came back on Wednesday evening because Thursday was the Swiss National Day. I had to work that day but I took off Friday.

The weekend does not go as I expected. I have met very nice people. People that like me and I like them very much. But I am a Little bit downcasted and I do not have any clue about why.

I have still a lot of things to do but I will take today evening completely free and try to not think about it. I hope you have a nice Saturday evening and read us soon...