4 years ago I bought a DVD in Germany. The film was "A walk to remember" and I simply loved it! The story was so romantic, so affectionated and so sad that I swear I cried!

Only after this kind of films is when I think: "Oh my God, would does it exist this stories in the real life?". Immediately after I like to think: "Yes, of course... if they would not exist, nobody could write something so beautiful".

I did not ask myself who was the scriptwriter of the film.

Some weeks ago, I was in the bus when I saw a book with a nice tittle page, I saw the book title ("The last song") and the author (Nicholas Sparks) and I looked for it. When I found it, I bought it and I read all its pages in only 10 days! It was like with the pringles chips: "Once I POP, the fun did not STOP".

After reading "The Last Song" I bought another Nicholas Sparks' book called "Dear John".

Although it's difficult to believe, the book made the same effect on me: I started to read it, and I only stopped when there were no more pages to read. I looked forward to reading every night, I went to bed late and as soon as I woke up I wished to get metro or bus and continue reading.

After these two tests, I bought the third book from Sparks. This one was "The notebook". This book had got less pages, so I read it much sooner than the two previous ones. I loved it again!!!

Currently I've started to read the fourth book from this author: "At first sight".

I should admit that this book has not impressed me from the beginning so much as the previous three books... so let me continue (right now I'm at the beginning) and I'll tell you.

I don´t like reading very much... but now I cannot stop reading Nicholas Sparks' books.
From now on we will have the section of "Diana's Tips".

Every week we will have some new comment/advice from her!!

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There are some people who swears they have got many FRIENDS. I don't belong to that kind of people.

In my case, I know many many many people, I have many friends and I have only a few FRIENDS.

It's strange, but lately I think about it much often. I noticed that to take care of my friends started when I went from the school to the University (I was until my 18 years old in a school and not in a high school). I spent my last University year of Erasmus in Germany and honestly, I have kept only one friend from this stage. During my 18 months of Erasmus I knew many sorts of people: interesting people, bored people, smart people, retrograde people, snobbish people, conservative people, open-minded people, "green-thinking" people, people from differnt countries... and when my Erasmus finished and I moved to Madrid to started working I knew more people in my new and first company, in my second company... and now in my third company. I have knows friends of friends, people whom I've seen and been only once with, roommates, people whom I have to work punctually...

Curiously, at the moment, reflecting, I realized than I have most FRIENDS I ever thought and I feel so lucky.

We don´t write to each one every day, we don´t call each other every day, we don´t exchange emails every day... but when I need to see them them, when I go to home, when I call them, when I visit them... they are always available for me with a very big smile and a huge hug for me.

I have lost many of those people, but the people I still have I must say: "Thanks for being as you are because all of you, as fas as possible, have contributed to I try every day to be a best person and make me my days easier.

Smile Friday!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!


Did You Know?

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Going for a Walk in Granada this morning

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Plaza de la Trinidad:

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Excursión de niños por Neptuno:

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Some Things Only Happen in Granada

Is it possible we are at 38ºC and there is snow on the montain yet? YES, only in Granada!!

Oh yes!!! At last my holiday has arrived!!!!!

I feel soooo good!!! You cannot imagine how I needed this week off and how I deserved it! Last months have been stressing, hard and ungrateful. Now I don't and I don't wanna think about them. Needless to say that I did all my tasks... I finished them last Saturday/Sunday at 4.30am but I achieved it.

I don't exactly know how many POs I created!! It was crazy!!!!

Now, I'll enjoy all my week off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, my sis discovered me a new serie. This serie is not exactly as cartoons, it's more the sort of serie as "South Park", "Family man"... the innovation is that the main character is a girl with accent from Sevilla.

If you wanna give a laugh, I invite you to watch the first chapter!