New day, 
new chance, 
leaving comfort zone

Mental note: not confuse "ausziehen" with "aussteigen".


It´s a matter of priorities

It seems today that if you are not married or have children at certain age, there is something wrong with you. Mainly, the lighter thing that you will hear is that you are egoistic.

But sorry, is not more egoistic to be married or have children for not being alone? is it not more egoistic to marry just because if your partner dies u will receive something from the State? is it not more egoistic to decide to have children and that your decision impact in the life of your workmates for example?

Sorry again, but I think that all said previously is much more egoistic than not been married or not have children just because:

1) It´s not your priority, or
2) it´s just because you do not want to

Not everybody has received the same education. Not everybody has had the same kind of life. Not everybody has to have the same aspiration. Sorry but not. And just because I do not want the same as you want, it does not mean that I am egoistic.

I´m fed up with all these topics. I am 35 years old. I am not married. I do not have children (and I don't miss it because I do not know the feeling of having them). I do not care to be alone now or in the future. I have the life that I want and I will not change it just because the society thinks that I am egoistic or I am weirdo. Sorry but not. I decide what I do and how I do.

Just because I do not have children, it does not mean that I cannot be tired and/or I do not have the right to complain.

Yes, there are some days that I am not tired... I am mega tired. I wake up a little bit after 5:00 in the morning. After all day working, I am not at home before 19:00-19:30. When I arrive home, I make some other things (including continue working the most of the latest days) and many many things that you do not do because you have your wife/husband who helps.

Just because I am not according to the society standards, it does not mean that I am not complete person.

Honestly, I think that I am "the same or even more complete" that many of you who are married and/or have children. I do not have to pretend. I do whatever I wish without giving any explanation to anyone. And this is what I want to and what I will continue doing.

If any day I change my mind, it will be because of me and not because of you or the society where we live.

It is OK for me the life that u have chosen... so, respect and not judge the people who has a life completely different to yours.


Cold weather creates confusion in people:

1) Drunk man asking something that I do not have a clue of what
2) Drunk woman, whom the drunk man was with, argued with him because he talked to me
3) A different woman, who was also waiting for the tram, smiled me a couple of times. Of course, I smiled her back... but after a couple of times more, I realized that it was a tic
4) A guy just with an autumn jacket dances according to the music that his headset plays


Today morning, I went to pick the two boxes (~ 10 Kg) that I had to send to me from Spain because I exceeded the allowed luggage weight by the plane. 

I went with my rolling shopping basket but it was valid just for one of them. So, I had to carried the other one. Thank God, a man (about > 60 years old) saw me and he offered to carry it on his bike. 

It´s the second time that someone stops with the bike and offers his help (first one was 5 years ago after one of my trips from Ikea). 

It seems that the world is not so bad as sometimes we think and good people still exist. And it's from this people that we have to learn about.

Happy Saturday to all of you!



It can sound strange but I´m always looking forward to having my appraisal discussion.

Every working day, I have my goals in mind and I focus in them. Not just to achieve them but to exceed them.

I´ve to say that I have been working for 11 years. 4 out of 11 I got "exceed expectations". I fight for it till I get it. How? With arguments. I made a previous homework before the end-meeting.

1) Take the list that I have been creating during all year with the different tasks that I have performed and the result. Nevermind which kind of task. Everything is valid.

2) Check the assigned goals

3) Include in each goals the tasks related to them

4) Clasify the other tasks in different areas: team work, management support, support to teams/departments different to the ones where you are in

5) Print a copy for your manager(s) and yourself

6) Allow your manager been the first speaker in the discussion

7) Once that he has talked everything what he had to, you explain the points where you do not agree and make a reminder to your boss about the other tasks that he has forgot related to that specific goal

8) Once that your Manager has finished with all your goals revision, it´s the time where you need to tell him about all the "additional tasks" that you have carried out and they where not included in your goals

If it does not work, ask all the explanations that you need in order to understand your punctuation. But never ever accept the explanation of: "there is a limited number of people who can be in this band". That´s OK, but then, your Manager should give you real examples about things that you could have the chance to make and you have not.

This time, I´m happy because all the work that I have executed have been recognized.

For this new fiscal year...

... although it will not be easy at all


Xmas Time and New Year

Dear Readers!

This year I had a little bit longer holidays at home. After 28th Dec, the things twisted a little bit but at the end, the year started as I expected: with a few new challenges to accomplish. Personally and professionally.

As I have already commented you, I´m a "list-person". And my lists have normally quite a lot of things-to-do.

This time, I have tried to be pragmatic and realistic, but it seems that I will have to make a stronger effort next time. Nevertheless, I will try to get them!

- Personally: 5 goals
- Professionally: 3 goals

Someone told me once:

They are already written.

Next step: make the plan. But not "just a plan". I must think in the best plan ever to help me get them.

PS. 2 of them are still pending from 2016... Let´s give priority to these two!



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This Winter weather is amazing
3 nights ago...

The Three Kings visited the Spanish homes


... and live with the consequences...