Isn´t it ideal for X-mas? (by Starchic shop)

Ready for going home!
I´ll spend 1 week at home and of course, I have some presents to give:
1) Mother's day gift
2) Sister's gift
3) Some molds to my mother for baking
4) Chocolate to one of my cousins, my Dentist, Beautician, Hairstylist, laser Beautician
5) Pasta + Rösti
6) Advent Calendars
Looking forward to see my family!



This morning I was speaking with my friend "J" about "Brunch". She said that she does not really understand what is the Brunch.

We searched in Google (Google knows everything!) and we found the following explanation in Spanish:

It´s said that it´s a meal between 11 - 15 h.

"J" was right. What´s the Brunch??

If in Switzerland people have lunch between 11-13, and people in Spain do it between 13.30 - 15... Isn´t the Brunch the lunch for all of us?

I would say that Brunch is more like a "posh" name to call the "social netlunch" at Lunch time. But at the end, it´s the Lunch!
Halloween Night
It started at Paddys

... and finished at home with two Happy Meals


120 Days

Some people makes new goals at the beginning of the year. Some other people makes them in September (after Summer)... Some makes both of them and other ones, suddendly, makes them when they feel they should/can.

I belong to all these groups:

1) I do a list after new Year
2) I have my revision in the middle of the Year
3) I make new list when I foresee the chance to get something really challenge and important

(Because of that, some of my friends call me "the list girl" - the most of time a list for everything).

My head is continiously thinking about new opportunities, new ideas which allow me to progress as in my personal life as in my professional life.

This new plan embraces for both of them.

I have 120 days to get something. If I do, I will be allowed to do something that I have been thinking about during exactly the last 3 weeks.

Getting into the German Language

Yesterday night/morning I took a taxi for coming home back.

It was a "Limo taxi" (by sheer chance) really cool. I asked if it was going to be more expensive, and the man told me that it was not, that he was waiting for some clients... In the meanwhile, he could pick to "normal people" to "normal price". So cool!

We were speaking IN GERMAN along the path about his Taxi Business, my work, weather... and I understood!

It was a basic conversation, but I was able to follow it.

I went to bed really pleased!

It was a good way to finish my Friday night (after a nice dinner with funny company and a birthday party with some of my workmates).


Increasing the Temperature does not mean a Fast Ironning...

... or maybe it does when "suddenly" some holes appear on the clothes!


Congratulations at Work!

Since April I am the mentor for France 4 and we have had several difficult Change Request to manage. "Mass Material Update" is one of them... above all, because it´s really technical and I am functional.

Thanks to my workmates, Tomas and Richard, this CR has been very successful and below the proof:

Hi5 for Tomas, Richard and me!!


Interview for Ideal!!
Finally I got the interview that I was made by the Journalist Mercedes Navarrete. I´m really happy of the result (it´s not my best pic... but the only I had were "Party night pictures" and they needed a pic in any typical place in Zürich).

I have receive many messages from many people (even though, people that I didn´t speak for years!) and all of them have been really nice.
Some people said that I´m very lucky... they are right. But it´s not good luck what I have. There is also a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice.
The first time I left my home was when I was 22 years old (almost 23) when I decided to go to Germany for Erasmus.
I went to Germany with my Spanish, my written English (if we can call it like that) and 1 intensive month of German where the only things I could speak were: "Main name is Pilar and ich komme aus Spanien"... some numbers and that was all.
The first 3 months were really difficult: different country, different habits, no clue about Languages, new people, one Project of career to do!!... and all the things, that if you have been abroad, you already know.
Sundays were the most difficult days. It was the day dedicated to "be sat in front of my computer and cry".
At the end, instead of 9 months as it was planned, I spent 18 months in Cottbus (Germany). As you can see, I adaptated and I became really happy there as well! (although my family was in Spain).
I did great friends (still today we are in contact!). I got an excellent mark in my Final Project of Career. I got to "speak a kind of English" (mainly learned from my Bulgarian Tuthor - Arnold Schwarzenegger II (I will try to find some pic of him and post it)). I learned more words in German "Das gefällt mir. Wie viel kostet das?. Ich esse kein Gemüse"... Even though, "das" is still my most used word to refer to anything and everything.
I moved directly from Germany to Madrid to work in a Company where I discover what I was really going to do the same day that I arrived and I signed the contract off (once I was there, I had to sign!!). This work was for programming in Cobol (me?? programming? Cobol? - "Who was Cobol?").
Obviously, after 3 weeks, Bosses were quite intelligent and they realized that they coudn´t have any expectations in me. It was impossible that I programmed sth different to a "loop". So, they decided to send to me to Scotland (Edimbugh and Glasgow). Fortunately, I went with other two girls (also a "zero" programming and also Chemical Engineers. Coincidence?... and a guy who said "miau" (like the cats) when he didn´t know what to say.
We met "somehow scotish" workmates and they were nice. We had really fun with them... even though when they turned on the air conditioning at 15 - 20ºC when the outside temperature were 25ºC and they were really sweating!!! ... No comments ;)
After two months in Scotland living like rich, I was fired off and came back to Madrid to search a new work.
I found a work in an Inmobilien Company. The first morning when it was supposed I was going to start there, I arrived and said: "Good mornig and sorry, I reject the work because I´m going to do an interview right now for a different Company". (At least... I went to communicate the news face to face).
I went to Accenture (I was late!) and I did the different tests. I passed them and they took me for the training. The training lasted 2 moths. During these two months, I worked like Promoter making cards for "Cortefiel" (cloth store) to women. I earned 125€ per month and I had to work 5 days per week during 5 hours. I was well paid, wasn´t I?
I passed the training and I started to work in Accenture (then I stopped my superwork with the cards).
And this is how I started my life in Madrid for 6 years.
After 2.5 years in Accenture, I went to Vestas with a temporal contract, and at the same time I started a Master Degree ("Supply Chain Management" - paid by me). I had classes every two weeks: Fridays from 16 to 22 and Saturdays from 10 to 15.
It was not really easy because I had to study and I did many overtime during the week. But I had a temporal contract and:
1) I needed to work (I liked it and I needed the money)
2) I had to study because the Spanish situation began to be a little bit weird and people started to studay (mainly the people who didn´t have any job). I couldn´t be behind them.
After 2 years in Vestas, I got the permanent contract!!! No salary increasing but I got ticket restaurants!! (I think that it made me happier than if I would have a salary increased. To go to a restaurant and eat a lot, spend a lot of money and pay with "paper" like in the Monopoly was sooo cool!!!!). And I finished my Master (my group got the prize to the best Master Final Project).
8 months later I got my permanent contract, I was contacted by 3 different Swiss Companies (I was not searching for any job. I was happy with my 3 bosses and the work I did...) via Linkedin.
I never thought about Switzerland! Neither for holidays (soooo expensive! It was like an European country but nothing else... Chocolate, watches and luxury!). Something really unaffordable. So, why to think about it?).
I passed two of these interviews. One of them I rejected because I was going to do the same as I was doing and only because of the money, I didn´t think it was a great idea (also, I had started to look for buying a flat in Madrid). I went a little bit further with the other interview. I accepted to come to Switzerland and listen to this people.
I was late because the address I had was wrong and I arrived with a "black eye" as well because I hit my eye with my luggage handle. As you can see, I had all the requirement for being hired.
Interview was good but they wanted someone technical and I was not. So, they took the best option, contract to a different person. I was fully agree.
But after one and a half month they called me again offering a position in Business. So, we could start speaking again.
It was interesting... but it meant a new change (big change) and challenge in my life that I had to weigh up if it would worth it or not.
I didn´t say it to anyone (only to my mother and sister, but they didn´t express their opinion). I decided by myself and only when all papers were signed off by me and send to the new Company, I started to communicat it to the different people I had to. It was a surprise for everyone...
I have written all of this not because I am complaining... Please, do not misunderstood me. You are right when you say that I have been lucky because opportunities have come to me. But it´s not really easy to take this kind of decision, and of course, behind "this luck", there is always effort. And not only from my side, above all from my mother's side, my sister's side, my friend's side, school & univeristy teachers, and of course, my bosses and workmates that all of them, without any exception, have helped me to get what I have and what I am like a person, and like a professional.
I do not know where I will finish... but I do not care. I am happy and it´s what I would like to continue being wherever I am and whatever I do.
So, Thank you very much to all people who has helped me to be where I am.
This time, specially to Laura Ubago (one of my school friends - I think we know each other since we are 4 years old!!). She was the one who thought on my to make this interview and to her workmate, Mercedes Navarrete, the one who has written this article about me.


Happy Sunday

This is the first picture that I have with Jessica during the day! First time in 6 months (since she arrived) that we have met at day.

According to the swiss "Mario Picazo", this is the last weekend with good weahter we are having until... next year?... Maybe. So, we decided to spend all day at the Lake and it was nice. We had about 23ºC (it´s not magnific, but for being Switzerland and at this year time, it´s quite good!).

Now, we can say, that we have sth else that only night party pictures!

Hi5 for us!!


Amazing shoes!... Now in my closet

Well... they are not the only ones which have come to my closet today. Another pair did.
The salesman said:

- "You have an exquisite taste"

Oh yes... also expensive.

If you are sure about your number, you can get them online (much cheaper!)


Lumas Exhibition
After leaving the office today, one of my workmates invited me to visit "Lumas Exhibition". I thought it was a good idea (although I´m not really keen of it).
The Gallery was quite small but cute. We had some champange and some canapé.
Pictures were great! and I really enjoyed.
Thank you Maija!

(by Lumas)
Falling in love with Zürich


               ... This is what'll happen if you ain't givin' your girl what she needs
Hi10 for Gómez de la Senra

Today I met one French guy and he commented something about Portuguese people who live in France. He said that the most of them are working cleaning the buildings but they earn a lot of money.

Then the following case came to my head:

The columnist Gómez de la Senra was in a Spanish Embassy Reception in 1970 where a French Political realized that he was Spanish and then he said:

- "Spanish" Like my maid. All maids in France are from Spain".

Gómez de la Senra withouth blinking answered:

- "How curious! All the whores in Spain are from France".

Original Text:

Contaba el periodista Gómez de la Senra en 1970 que en una recepción de la embajada española, un político francés, al saber que era español, dijo:

- "¡Español" como mi sirvienta. En Francia todas las chachas son españolas".

Y Gómez de la Senra sin parpadear respondió:

- "¡Qué curioso" En España todas las putas son francesas".


If the tails is on the top of the coin, please, reverse it and then the nex person will find the heads on the top and it´ll mean good luck for him/her!


When my head works/thinks so much, it becomes like this


La Isla de los Sentimientos

Había una vez una isla donde habitaban todos los sentimientos: la ALEGRÍA, la TRISTEZA, y muchos más, incluyendo al AMOR.

Un día, se les avisó a los habitantes que la isla se iba a hundir. Todos los sentimientos se apresuraron a salir de la isla, se metieron en sus barcos y se prepararon para partir. Pero el AMOR se quedó porque se quería quedar un rato más con la isla que tanto amaba antes de que se hundiese.

Cuando por fin estaba ya casi ahogado, el AMOR comenzó a pedir ayuda. En eso venía la RIQUEZA y el AMOR dijo: “RIQUEZA, ¡llévame contigo!”.

-        No puedo, hay mucho oro y plata en mi barco. No tengo espacio para ti (dijo la RIQUEZA).

El AMOR le pidió ayuda a la VANIDAD, que también venía pasando… “VANIDAD, por favor, ¡ayúdame!”.

-        No te puedo ayudar, AMOR. Tú estás todo mojado y vas a arruinar mi barco nuevo.

Entonces el AMOR le pidió ayuda a la TRISTEZA: “TRISTEZA, ¿me dejas ir contigo?”

-        “¡Ay AMOR! Estoy tan triste que prefiero ir sola…”.

También pasó la ALEGRÍA, pero ella estaba tan alegre que ni oyó al AMOR llamar.

Desesperado el AMOR, comenzó a llorar. Ahí fue cuando una voz le llamó:

-        “Ven AMOR, yo te llevo”. - Era un viejito, y el AMOR estaba tan feliz que se le olvidó preguntarle su nombre.

Al llegar a tierra firme, le preguntó a la SABIDURÍA:

-        ¿SABIDURÍA, quién era el viejito que me trajo aquí?”.

La SABIDURÍA respondió: “era el TIEMPO”.

-        ¿EL TIEMPO? ¿Pero por qué el TIEMPO me quiso traer?


“Porque sólo el TIEMPO es capaz de ayudar y entender al AMOR”

(Autor desconocido)


Sentences that Nobody Likes to Hear
  • "I´m not in a good moment"
  • "It´s not because of you, it´s because of me"
  • "I like you, but I do not know what is happening to me"
  • "We can be friends"
Touched and "sunken".
"If you do not bet, you will not lose"

(completely true)


My Kiwi - Friend

The first news I had about this Kiwi was: "A new graduate from New Zeland has come to Madrid and yesterday I went out with him. He finished soooo drank... bla bla bla.... but he is cute", one of my workmates told me.

At first glance I thought he was really arrogance. With a really amerikanish/strange accent ("for shizal my nizal"), with zero intention of learning Spanish (and he strongly critized Spanish habits), and an attitude of "hey dude, I´m here and I´m cool".

The first time we tried to maintain a conversation was in our common Niko friends' flat. He came and asked me in which team I was working... after realizing my English was almost nonexistent, we did not speak anything else :D

Sometimes we met in the office caffeteria because of our common friends and he only spoke "his strange" Language that I didn´t get it... and the only things I got were not really funny (at that moment for me).

In some weird way, we became friends: we went out sometimes together, he discovered me the "tequila suicide" (I would say that this was the key!!), I was invited to his farewell party, and before he left Madrid, somehow... we two had dinner together (do not ask how we could understand each other... but we did... more or less :P). (Note: I think he arrived one hour later because he was lost).

Now: I really like him! He is funny; he knows how to enjoy his life and he does; he is nice; he is a real friend of his friends (his friends adore him); And the most important, from time to time, he finds time to send to me some lines.

In fact, this blog is dedicated to him because I have received a postcard from Australia! He wrote me... and suprisingly, he is good at handwritting as he said (although I think that he was happy when he saw that there was not more space available in the card for writing more :D).

I have tried to find a pic where we both are alone... but we do not have :D So, here a cut from one where we were with more friends (at least, we are together).


On 27th September I turned 31

and I wouldn´t have expected to receive them in the coolest way I have

Good bye 30... Welcome 30+1