"My cow is not pretty, but it is pretty to me" [David Lynch]


"Create your own individual style. I'm not interested in the girl who walks into my office in a head-to-toe label look that's
straight off the runway. I'm interested in a girl who puts herself together in an original, independent way"
(By Anna Wintour)

4 Easy Ways to Update Our Look this Fall

Who said we have to buy a whole new wardrobe every season? - Fall dressing is a total cinch with the following easy updates:

1. Wear a sweater under our favourite summer dress and toss on some thighs-highs, thick tights or leggings to complete the look.

2. Pair the maxi summer's skirt with thick knits. Elongate our legs with a tall plattform or wedge. We can finish our look with a belt and hat.

3. Makeover a plain shoe with a pretty bow. Wear our open-toed shoes with socks or thick tights for extra warmth.

4. Tie all our layers together with a belt.


New Pair of Shoes

I am a high-heeled shoes fanatic and last Friday, when I arrived home, my sister had got a surprise for me. She gave me a new pair of shoes!!! But not any shoes... Swarovski shoes!

Is that insane??

Vote for David Guetta!!


Summer Holidays starts with a Summer&Energetic Song!

This song reminds me one of my best Summers, and just this morning, when I woke up, radio was playing it. Would it be a sign? Would this summer be one of the best ones as well? Let's see and cross fingers!

One thing is sure, today will be an energetic day.
Time for me

As I already told you, I´m going throught a not very easy stage.

Today is my first day of summer holiday and the only thing I wish is to get what I need. I'm not sure what it is and I am not really becoming obsessed to find it in this time, but I hope.

I need to change some aspects in my life, to improve some ones, to drop out others, to discover the ones I have to and to re-discover, I guess, the most important key matter(s) that I have lost with the time.

Maybe 2 weeks are not enough but perhaps 2 days are, or might be I will need more time.

I will start my journey and to make my way... without hurry... without pause, there is not rush... there is no time limit.


Tasks done!

1. To tidy my room up - done!
2. To clean my room up - done!
3. To cook (sth easy and not difficult) - done!
4. To make my hair (x2) - done!
5. To decide what I will study during my Holidays for my Master - done!
6. To study a little bit of German - done!
7. To do washing maschine - done!
8. To do ironing - not done :(
9. To decide clothes for wearing 2night - done!
10. To meet with one friend or mine on Sunday? - Delayed for Tuesday
11. To change bed linen - done!
12. To call one friend of mine - done!

María Patiño again... and in very good company

Oh yes! Yesterday night I went out with some workmates.

We went to dinner to a nice restaurant (not cheap...), drink something in the "Irish Rover" and after that to "Vanila" (I had never been here before). "Vanila" is a disco not so big, there were not many people (it's the middle of August in Madrid!) but the music was quite good. We were speaking in the disco and a very gentleman and handsome guy went past us several times and of course, we noticed him. When we paid attention about whom he was with, I realized he was with María Patiño.

It was the second time I met her (first one in another restaurant). I was embarrassed to ask her a picture (she was a "little" bit drank) and "busy", so I decided to record a video (please, don´t comment the quality).

>> "The Switch"


>> What small decision did you make that altered the entire course of your life?

One guy’s answer:

“Asked a complete stranger to take my picture in front of Big Ben, ended up travelling around europe with her, parting, tracking her down, marrying her, seeing the world together and tremendously happy.”

Click through to read his amazing story.
Tasks for the Weekend

1. To tidy my room up
2. To clean my room up
3. To cook (sth easy and not difficult)
4. To make my hair (x2)
5. To decide what I will study during my Holidays for my Master
6. To study a little bit of German
7. To do washing maschine
8. To do ironing
9. To decide clothes for wearing 2night
10. To meet with one friend or mine on Sunday?
11. To change bed linen
12. To call one friend of mine
Blackberry or (my 2nd) Iphone?

Which one should be my next mobile phone?

Radiolab and NPR Present Words, a visual poem.
Who does not remember this?

Niña Repelente (Chapter 3)


Strawberry Sorbet

  • 300 - 400Kg of fruit (in this case, Straberries)

  • 2 lemons (without white peel and seeds)

  • 200gr sugar (I prefer 150gr)

  • 700 - 800Kg ice-cubes


Smile Friday



Dear readers,

If you know me only a little bit, you sure know my orientation problems. Even so, there are still people who trust me and they 'use' me as her "GPS". Yes! unbelievable, but it's true.

One of these people is my dear friend Sandra. She's from Galicia and she has got her car in Madrid but without an authentical GPS. Her GPS is me!! (Remember I'm not from Madrid either).

Well, last Thursday we went out dinner, drank some cocktails in a nice place (of course)

... and after that dance in a "not so cool" place where we went because one of the guys who came with us were not "well dress" (...).

We decided to go home about 4:00am... At this point, our adventure started!

1. We did not remember where Sandra's car was parked. We walked in zig-zag by different streets until we found the car. It did not take us so long as we thought at the beginning. First challenge beaten!

2. We achieved to get home one friend of us - from Velázquez to Bilbao. Second challenge beaten!! Incredible, right?

3. We had to go from Bilbao to Diego de León through Colón. We got Colón, but after it... we do not remember well but we were in Cibeles, Gregorio Marañón, and other places whose names we don´t know yet. OK, by miracle, we got Colón again and we achieved to get Goya. At that point we were happy because we knew very well the way to my home. After some minutes, we had to decide between have two ways... one shorter and the other longer. I was completely sure I knew both ways! So I asked Sandra: which one do you prefer? - Please, pay attention to her answer: "we'll take the way we know certainly" ---- DISASTER!!!! Here was the moment where we got lost lost lost... infinetely lost!!!!

We were turning Madrid over! Suddenly, Sandra started being really worried, why? because the tank of her car was almost empty and we were not sure how long we were going to need to get my home. We decided to find some petrol station... PAY ATTENTION AGAIN: If you are in Madrid and you need petrol, be sure you will not find any petrol station in Madrid!!! So, have a second choice.

We did not find any petrol station so we had to go outside of Madrid. Yes, you are reading well... after almost one hour, not sure about if the car was going to die... we arrived a place where the trucks were sleeping, there were no lights, there were no cars, there were nothing!!!!!

So, we left that "fantastic picture" behind us and fortunately, God showed us a "petrol station build".

After the tank was completely full (about 5.30 am), the only problem was: We had to be at the office at 9:00 at the latest... I had to do my luggage for going to Granada... and we were in Leganés!!!! Oh yes, we had to go to Leganés for filling up the tank.

About 6:10 Sandra achieved to bring me home (I don´t remember because I think I was sleepy... more or less, with unconsciously open eyes because my mind was kaputt!

Clearly, I could only 50 minutes sleep and Friday I was a corpse! Red eyes, pale face, dishevelled (I did not have time to do my best for going "well" to the office - sleep something and going in that way, or not sleeping anything and go... in that way? - First option of course!!).

Do you believe me when I said that it was a night to remember! Sure you do!

Please, don´t forget the pic of the night!!!!:

(I cannot stop high-laughing when I see this picture!!! You were totally broken!!!!)