2017 has been a carousel. Sometimes up, sometimes down. And sometimes I have just gone round and round. The ride was sometimes funny. Sometimes a pain in the ass.

I had many many great things that I have enjoyed and I am very grateful for them. Some others, I will have to learn how to manage them and make the ride easier.

About the things that I have experienced with gratitude are:

1) Health. This can sound very typical, but it´s honestly the most important

2) Spend more time with my family

3) Having travelled quite a lot and known very nice places

4) Having met some old friends that I haven´t seen since min. 10 years

5) Be able to know what I expect from my work and to say NO very clear

6) Met my mentor. Withouth her support, the "down" times would be more difficult

7) Small acts means a lot for others. I am just remembering once that I paid less than 1chf to two little ladies (maybe 10-11 years max.) in the supermarket. They wanted some sweets but didn´t have enough money and they had to choose which one to leave. When I paid, their smiles was sooo big!!!! Never ever I received that kind of smile and so many thanks in unison.

8) When I have "made something" for some other person, I felt happy. Even, people support. For example, my company makes the "paper stars" on the Xmas tree. Volunteers had to take any of them and make sure that that child would receive the xmas gift that he/she wished. I took two of them. One of my friends wanted to contribute. It was funny to go and try to find the gifts in different shops (even if I felt a little bit of panic when I thought that one of them was not possible). One of my workmates gave me the pink papers that I needed; Repro made the copy of my design; another workmate corrected my "German"; a third workmate went with me (and then alone) to pick the big Unicorn for one of the children. This was without any doubt, a gift with a lot of volunteers.


9) To learn the real meaning of "patience": "it´s not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting"

10) Family is the most important and precious diamond that someone can have. And I am extremely lucky for the one that I have

There are some left hours for this 2017. Let´s enjoy them and welcome the new year with the arms well opened.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! (and good luck for the ones who eat the 12 lucky grapes!)


Today is one of the most important days in my life and I hope that it continues repeating every year foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It´s the birthday of my Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28. December


Some of my Xmas night highlights.

As always, I spent the night with my family. That´s to say, mother and sister.

We had a great dinner. We received Santa's gifts the 24th (some people do on 25th morning) and we enjoyed just staying together.


I started a new book during my flight. And I read something that I can myself fully apply as a summary of this "irregular" year: "when everything changes, you move on - and you can never go back and expect things to be the same".

Mode Holiday ON

Yeah! Since Summer 2006, I have not had ever one month on holiday. Right. You have read right: 1 month!!!! Even, I will keep quite a lot of pending holiday days for the next year.

I´ve been/am soooo overloaded this year, that I "forgot" when I had to go for holiday in Dec. How can it happen? No clue. Never ever happened it before.

The luck came when by coincidence, on Sunday, I received an email from the flight Company informing that they had changed my seat. When I checked the new seat, I clicked on: "send onboarding ticket automatically to my phone". And like that, I received the boarding card on Monday instead of Tuesday. Yes, I thought that my flight was on Wednesday. But it seems that I was wrong. And just noticed it because the boarding card is just posible 24 instead of 48 hours in advance.

No issue in the office because it was correctly entered in the file (it was around... April). BUT I was ran out of 1 day!!

Luckily, I had the most of stuffs ready since the weekend. And like that, I have unexpectedly found out with 1 extra holiday day. Hi 5!

I love when I have just arrived to Spain. The smell. The blue sky with an enourmous sun. The "tapas" life. The people attitude. Spain is culture. It´s tradition. It´s a way of life.

Let´s start enjoying this month!!




Is there any other better way than finishing November when a notification from the post saying that there is a box waiting for being picked by you and you do not have any clue about who has sent it?

Isn´t it super cool to start December with an advent calendar received by surprise?!

Let´s start discovering what´s hidden in each number!!!