That  moment when you have got hooked on a serie and you are so close to know the end... That emotion of "wanna know everything but don´t want to because it´ll be the end".

Right that, I felt today.


I´ve had to come back to old times... A project has been assigned to me (no because of I wished!) and in 6 weeks I must do the delivery. And of course, the best delivery I can.

For that, I´ve searched in my archived folders and found my old documentation. Some of it was done by someone of my workmates and another one was done by me.

Honestly, I was really surprised about the high level that I had!! Wow! I was really really good. I think, that if I would have followed that path, probably, I would have a quite high position. But the sacrify would have also been quite high.

It´s ironic: I changed because I did not want to continue with the sacrify but now, I have to do it somehow and not in a such position. But I´m enjoying somehow.

Saturday night, 4:04 am, still working. And I really didn´t care because I was enjoying it although it's quite hard what I will have to do in the next 6 weeks.

Looking forward to deliverying!!!!



Painting the Street - Edition II

This year was the second one that I participated in the event "Painting the streets". It was going to be a challenge! I needed to exceed the expectations generated the previous one and yes! I did!!

It´s very cool see how people stop by you just to look how you paint, to take pictures or just give a smile as soon as they realized what they were seeing.

I enjoyed a lot making this drawing and had much fun with the adults and children who joined.

"Roadrunner & Coyote"


This week I was "quite much" overloaded and did not have time to think in anything that it was not work work and more work.

Between work and work, task and task, I met my mentor and it was amazing!! it´s so comforting to talk to someone so openly; to someone who understands you or try to; to someone who advise you how is the best way about how I can achieve what I want to; and to someone who is awesome!!!!

Let´s take strong these 3 weeks before the next break!

Have a very nice weekend!!!!

I have been on holidays during the last weeks. Yes... weekSSSSS.

The trip to started with a nice and big plane and it was just the beginning.

I have discovered new places and re-visited some others where I was like... 10 years ago. And with that, I got to meet some friends that I had not seen since then or even longer.

Some of them went to Granada for studying during 1 year; some others are my friends from Germany; and another ones were ones of my colleagues that at the end, they became my friends.

The amazing thing was that not all of them are living the the places where I was but close. And they were willing to travel (for some hours) just to spend with me some time. Also, it was good that some of them knew each other because it seems, that they can maybe make business together.

I have liked a looootttt the new places that I have visited and I loved to re-visit the others. For some of the last ones, I had a memory which has improved quite a lot because the city is now much more modern. It´s nice that in some places, the government invests on it.

The be at the beach has been soooo relaxed. I love it. They were very clean. Pure air. Cool people. Awesome time there!!

Food... I loved it!!! When I thought that the next day was going to be impossible to improve what I just ate, ERROR!! It was in fact.

I´m also glad, because now I can recommend some of those places to my local friends :)

During this holidays, I was completely disconnected: 1) I was quite fed up with my work; 2) the holidays had more days than the normal ones that I usually take; 3) I was sooo far away from my quotidian environment... that it was quite easy to have my mind with my body and feelings aligned.

Looking forward for the next "disconnection", which will be in 3 weeks but just for 4 days.