Every summer I have the need of having a YELLOW dress... a SUN DRESS.
I found this one and I think it is absolutely lovely. Isn´t it?

(by: Vogue España)


Let´s walk with style

1) Stella ( Kate Spade)

2) Sandalia nude metalizada (Givenchy)

3) Lady Max (Christian Louboutin)

With the Summer we don´t have only to protect our skin, we must to protect our eyes as well. Good reason to have a look at Jimmy Choo Collection.
Megan Fox in Tokyo Premier

Purple Dona Karan gown and Stwart Weitzman peep-toes
(June 2009)

(Lovely dress!)


She Will Marry... in Greece!

Double nice: Jen will marry and she will do it in Greece! Rumors said that it´ll be in Hotel Elounda Beach (Isle Crete) in July.

Everything is happening at the same time that "Brangelinos" made their engagement public.

Now it´s Jen's time.

Jen, be happy and good luck!


(to my Friend Sandra)


This weekend I emptied all the boxes I had in the living-room, kitchen and bedroom!!!

Now, the pending thing in the living is to hang up some paintings and to place the shoelace for the curtains. Then, spend one day in the cellar doing cleaning and inventary to know what I have and what I don´t need to buy :)

Checking the lights, one of them was loose and when I tried to pressed it down, it just broke and I cut my finger.

It was a small gash but it bleeded a lot!!!!!


Mascotte Club (Zürich)

Ayer, por primera vez, fuimos al "Mascotte".

Es un club en donde las dos veces que he pasado por ahí, siempre había cola. Así , pues, es de esperar que el sitio esté bien.

Efectivamente, no me equivocaba... La decoración es "estilo Miami": unas palmeras, unos cuántos pósters por las escaleras con la palabra "Miami" y diferentes fotos que te invitan al verano, buen tiempo y sol... una bola grande de dicoteca (tipo Saturday Night) en el centro de la pista y gente que por lo general iba mejor vestida que lo que normalmente se ve por aquí.

Para empezar, la entrada son 20CHF sin consumición. Ropero será unos 3CHF y las copas según entendí unos 15-18CHF (me invitaron a ambos).

La gente, tal y como he dicho, "bien" vestida y variedad de edades...

Música: un poco electrónica pero sin matar. Por lo menos, las canciones que sonaron eran buenas.

Hasta aquí, a cualquier español, le parecerá algo normal... Lo que no es "normal" es lo que vimos y que por ahora no puedo contar. Simplemente, quedaros con el "hombre sin pelo" y la chica de claro que aparecen detrás de Rod.

La próxima vez que vayamos, intentaremos coger "pruebas fotográficas" pero ilustrar mejor lo que parece ser que solamente nos impactó a nosotros pues nadie más prestaba la menor atención a lo que nosotros no podíamos dejar de comentar ni mirar.
Jewish area

I live in the Jewish area in Zürich and although I have been for 2 months, it´s still a shock every time I see them.

When I see them, the film "Witness" (where Harrison Ford was the star) comes to my memory. I have searched in Internet and people from the film belong to the Amish (Christian secta).

All of them always wear:

- Black clothes (women never with trousers)
- The most of the men wears big hat
- Men have two ringlets (some of them around their ears)
- The most of wifes are much younger than the husbands and they have many many children
- They don´t look at you and either don´t speak to you
- They have their own schools,"churches", shops, banks...

Honestly, it´s something really really different.
22th April 2012 

Hailed day! (in Zürich)
Be Healthy!!!

One of my this year challenge is to "eat healthy".

It´s understood as "healty" any kind of food with a colour different to "brown meat", that´s to say,carrots, lettuce, tomato, zuchini, etc. etc.

Well, today I did my first attempt:

- Carrot cream

- Salad (tomato, lettuce, onion and chicken fingers) - I already tried this one last year and it wasn´t so bad.

About the "Carrot cream" I´m not totally sure it´s good. I tried and I didn´t really enjoy. I don´tknow if it needs salt, some missed ingredient... or carrot cream tastes like that (I had never eaten carrots!).

As one of my workmates offered him like a volunteer to try everything I cook... let´s him to have the first chance tomorrow!! At the moment, I have a backup and I guess it´ll be what I´ll take tomorrow for lunch: Pasta with Carbonara sauce.