What is happening??!!

I do not know why, but lately everything seems wrong for me. I'm in Madrid and I cannot see anything good. Why? I do not know, but everyday, when I wake up, is like a real sacrify!! I cannot sleep well, I have the feeling of I like a very small number of people, I'm angry during all my day, specially at work, I cannot keep my mouth closed and I answer as I think... not to say that it has brougth some problems to me the last 2 weeks.
... Please, help!



It's been amazing! exciting! incredible! great! extraordinary! All the county more united than ever never!

The game seemed difficult and hard... and it was. Dutch people in adittion to be bigger than Spanish they were soooo rude!! They gave Spanish team the boot a thousand times.

Although Spanish team had got many opportunities to score a goal, they didn't hit. However, Dutch team had got less chances but their shot was better.

The game made us suffer. No goals came in. There was overtime and goals did not appear.

Spanish people were thinking about penalties and we did not really want them since at that point, even thought our fantastic goalkeeper (Íker Casillas), Dutch team had more opportunities to score the goal. Fortunately, at the last minutes of the extra time, one of our players, Andrés Iniesta, tood advantage of the golden chance he had and the goal was for Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the country jumped, boosted, wept with our team, streets were full of people... and today they are still... no comments about how we feel!! We never achieved the final and it was our first time and we won it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE'RE THE WORLDCUP CHAMPION!!!!! The best team in the world!!!!!!!!!!! We knocked out Portugal, Uruguay, Germany, the Netherlands!!!!!!!! and where is the worldcup? IN SPAIN!!!!!!!

Our players cried, our players ran, our players prayed, our players suffered, our players were a real team, our players played together as a real team, a real family, real friends, our players enjoyed, our players showed great football, our players are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to our team, thanks to "La Roja".

"La Roja 4ever"

PS. Our players are heroes for all of us, but they are human as well and we corroborated it when Íker kissed to his gf, the journalist Sara Carbonero.

They are like us, they are one of us!!!!