True Love

No es la historia más triste del mundo como dicen algunos. Es una de las historias más bonitas de amor que podemos encontrar.

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Irina Shayk: "Adoro todo lo que brilla"

Me too Irina, me too.
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Hemsworth Brothers

Is it a coincidence or these brothers like the same kind of girl?

Definitively, I choose Elsa Pataky.

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Pets in Switzerland

This small dog was really cute this morning in the train. He looked like a toy.

One more surprising thing here in Switzerland is that people really take into consideration their pets. Pets are allowed in the most of public places:

- Restaurants
- Public transport
- At every garden
- Lake/River
- Small/Big shops

I like it in general!! But only when they are really cleaned and have some kind of "protection" like this small dog (it´d be different if he´d be directly on the seat).

The only "not clear" thing is in Restaurant. I think that pets can in BUT there should be specific areas in the restaurant for people with pets.

What do you think about it?

On the office Toillete door


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Happy Friday!

In this way is how people in my company works. They're cool. Aren´t they?


Sweet Swiss Weather on 21st June


Soooo true!

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Weird Neighbor

One old woman is living next to my entrance corridor building.

I´ve always thought that she was strange and gossip:

1. Light at her house is always off
2. Door is the most of the time partially opened and sometimes totally opened
3. Every time she hear someone, she appears behind the door saying "schone Abend" "guten Morgen"...
4. When she appears behind the door, she has cream partially extended on her face

After a "going out night" with my friend Sandra, we arrived about 6.30 home and the door was opened. We had a quick look and we saw some "leather sadomasochism face-masks" up her closet and a bar with bar-chairs and some kind of pink lights (the rest was dark). Weird, isn´t it?

BBBBUUUUUTTTTT the worst came today when after spending the day at the lake I came home about 9 evening and just when I passed her door (which was partially opened) I heard her. I looked behind me and said: "Hallo Annete". When I looked... I believed that she didn´t have t-shirt... but I thought: "it´s not possible....". Then, she started to tell me something in Swiss German and I looked at her again and then: SHE DID NOT HAVE T-SHIRT!!!!! She was only with her sport trousers in the middle of the corridor (at the street!!!) pointed at her breast which was naked!!!!

At that moment I started to scream (while I continued opening the door) and she follows my scream with another laughing-scream!!!!!

Not even in my worst thoughts I thought it could happen in the real life!

After 6 months chating via facebook and texting messages (she, Connie, is friend of one friend of mine in Madrid) we met last Saturday!

Guys, I can tell you that she is really funny. We cannot wait for other 6 months!!


Family Sunday

One of my workmates, Alexander, invited us to spend the day with him and his family and it was really really nice. We had great time.

Anna-Lena (another friend from work) was the chef and she was the best!!

Thanks for the day!!!


Aren´t they amazing? - Yes, they do really be.

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The Maya Sparkle Twist Bandeau Top
Bulgari London

World Premiere Event: The Bulgari Hotel London Introducing the newest destination in London’s prestigious Knightsbridge area—the Bulgari Hotel & Residences. In a tribute to Bulgari’s silversmith origins, the hotel's designers chose silver as their theme. 85 rooms and suites feature custom-made silk curtains based on Bulgari's most famous jewellery designs while a private movie theater continues the theme with its celebration of the pleasures of “the Silver Screen.” The social scene centres on Il Bar, the perfect place to live la Dolce Vita with an Italian aperitivo. Highlights of the extraordinary SPA include 11 private treatment rooms and one double spa suite and a 25m swimming pool, crafted in Vicenza stone and featuring a shimmering green and gold mosaic. Please join us for more insights of the Hotel and to discover the exclusive Opening Ceremony in the following days

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The Holstee Manifesto

1. Life is Simple
2. Do what you love
3. If you don´t like something, change it
4. Getting lost will help you find yourself
5. Life is about people you meet


¡Viva la Coleta!... sobretodo en Verano

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Son las 2 primeras tortillas de patatas que hago desde... el 2007 :D

En el 2007 hice intenté hacer dos tortillas:

1. La primera vez se me olvidó que las patatas se freían un poco para ponerlas blandas. Con lo cual, la tortilla quedó bastante... dura.

2. Y la última vez fueron "patatas" con algo de huevo :D Me falló el cálculo.

¡Esta vez he conseguido hacerla! Por lo menos lo parece... mañana os contaré qué tal está.

Eso sí, no ha sido tarea fácil:

1. El vaso de la batidora se me ha derramado por toda la encimera, y de los 6 huevos que había batidos... habrá quedado medio huevo. Luego sólo tenía 4 huevos más... y he rezado para que fueran suficientes.

2. La primera tortilla se me ha quemado por una parte.

3. La tapadera que he cogido para volver las tortillas tenía agujeros... Yo pensaba que iba a ser rápida en volverlas, pero no... he puesto todo perdido y he perdido (valga la redundancia) huevo por el camino.

4. Me sobraba una patata que he frito aparte (para no tirarla porque estaba ya pelada), y como era poca y el fuego de otra sartén estaba súper caliente, la he quemado en cero coma.

5. La ventana del salón estaba abierta, ha empezado a caer el diluvio universal y a hacer aire... se ha cerrado el cristal cogiendo la cortina, la cuál se ha mojado y puesto negra por el pollete que no hay forma de limpiarlo (ahora sé que con la cortina se puede).

Y todo esto en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

Happy Saturday!!

Family in Zürich in June'12. Crazy, isn´t it?