Dear 2016,

You will end in a few hours!!! You started in a similar way as the rest, but u are ending having a special place in my mind.

It´s time to remember the good moments and set aside the ones that were not so good.

I will keep all the moments where the laugh was spread, they were the best ones! I would like to keep the people who gave me those moments but also the people whom I can stay with where the silence does not need to be filled with words.

Thanks for showing me again that it does not matter what I have in my agenda or multiple lists because the rhythm is marked by the life and it seems that it is not willing to allow to be planned every minute.

And now, I look behind... I look at the last almost 12 months ago and I ask myself:

- Did I achieve some dream?
- Was there somebody who trusted me?
- Was there somebody who loved me and I did?
- Did I make at least one new friend?
- Did I finish a book or a movie that gave me goose bumps?
- Did I give the best of me in any moment?

Did you?

If we can answer with "yes" to more than one of them, I think that we are lucky.

I start 2017 without a big faith in it. But I would like to ask it that the next 365 days are useful and I can continue learning new lessons. I request that nobody & nothing takes the smile from me away, and every morning I wake up and wish to live, love and make my beloved ones happy.

THANKS 2016 & WELCOME 2017!




Once year more, it´s the counting down activated.

Counting down to finish a year.

Counting down to go home.

Counting down to be with my family.

Counting down to meet again my friends.

Counting down to leave things behind.

Counting down to make new plan and get new goals.

Counting down to purify the soul & align heart and mind.

.... mmmmm Just a moment!!!

Counting down to visit family? yes;

Counting down to see my friends again? yes;

Counting down to leave things behind??? Counting down to have new plans? Counting down to be a "new me"???? Nooooooooooooooooo!!! We do not have to wait for the new year to make all these things.

We can do a before and an after everytime if we wish and the most important, if we want to.

No wait for the new year. Make the resolution and act!

Pleasant surprise the one from yesterday after work. I just got an invitation and without thinking a lot, I accepted and just went.

First time to go to a SPA. I´m not fan of it but I have to say that "una vez al año, no hace daño" (once per year does not hurt). And it was wonderful! Wonderful in the sense of feeling the extrem difference of temperature in your body because of the different types of water, in the sauna, and the different environments between water and open-air and the "read sea/pool". The worst one was the coolest water!!!!!!!! But despite of it, I was able to try it twice. In the hottest one... countless times!

I was sooooo relax that even after it, I continued relax and just wished to lie down. And so it was! lie down.



The week started yesterday as bad as the previous week finished. I´m overloaded between two teams and the hours that I stay in the office are not enough to be able to finish everything.

Today, honestly, I had zero motivation to go to work. However, I was quite fast in the morning and I was entering in the office ca. 7:30am.

As soon as I arrived and hang my coat on, one guy told me that I was not going to be very happy when I opened my inbox. So, the morning didn´t seem to start better than yesterday... but when I arrived to my work place, I had a very nice and cute red box with a sweet gift inside. I got a "Grittibänz"!!!!!!

This "Grittibänz" is given in Switzerland (and some other countries) the Saint Nicholas Day. X-mas is coming.

In Spain, we do not celebrate it (strange! because we celebrate everything!!!) but it´s been nice to receive something today and made my day starting in a good mood.

Good night dear readers!



Exactly 2 weeks ago...

Already started and counting up.
Maybe it´s true after some more weeks.