¡Feliz Navidad y Paz!

     Peace, especially for those who are going through difficult times


       Still my favourite Xmas Song (mixture of sadness and hope)
The End Of The World

Some days ago I posted that the worls is small... today it´s the end of the World according to some people.

I have been a little bit more than one month completely disconected of news because of work. I have been travelling and although I was at home on the weekend, no time to read news in internet or watch the Spanish news on TV (news in English or German are like nothing for my ears).

Suddenly, this week, I heard someone saying that the World will finish on 21st December 2012. That´s to day, today (well, right now it´s 0:34).

All this theory is due to Mayan calendar. But do not worry, it´s not gonna to happen (I hope!).

It´s really funny how we can believe these things so easily and however, we do not believe in God (for example) or in some historical facts.

Newspapers, Internet, TV, people... everybody is speaking about it (for sure, future generations will laugh on us sooo much. As we will do in some years).

I will not deny that I have been thinking on it (and I do)... Some day the World is going to finish, right? why not tomorrow?

Some people have asked me what would I do if it´d be true? My answer: nothing. What can I do? What I have not done, I´m not going to do it. I´ll not get anything... World is finishing... And if it does not, maybe any day I do it. Right now, there is only one pending thing that I would like to do. But as I said, it´s not the moment yet.

Good night.

(Cover of Google, 21st Dec 2012)


Small World

I met a  guy who was working with me in my previous Company (Madrid, Spain) today, by coincidence, in Baden (Switzerland).

It seems that he is working in my current company, different building.

World is small small small small... And EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

PS. I have needed to write several emails, messages and phone calls to some of my friends to tell them this "event". Because it´s a huge event (and sorry, but I cannot tell u all this guy's story).


Gossip Weekend

I have spent all weekend at home with a handkerchief in my hand, a winter-swiss-cover, lied on my sofa and watching Gossip Girl.

I just saw some chapters from the first and second seasons and yesterday I could only downloaded chapters from 5th season, so you can imagine the lack of information I have.

I´ve to say that it´s not so bad as I thought and even though I have had fun with Blair Waldorf.

Since I do not have more "Revenge" chapters, I will continue watching "Gossip Girls".

Definitively, my favorite characters are:

1) Blair Waldorf
2) Chuck Bass
3) Dorota

I hope that the end is like the one I found today in internet:



Move Your Own Cheese

I have already mentioned several times that since 4 or 5 years ago I love reading books and I love the feeling I have when I come in a Library. I like to see the store filled with books, touch the pages, the smeel of the new book (the most of the times!) and imagine how amazing will be the story. I´ve also to say that it´s not easy to decide which book I´ll take. I read all the summary I find of the back of the book.

I do not normally take the popular books (the famous ones that I only read are from Nicholas Sparks).

Well, last week a person in my office asked me if I wanted to read a great book. I doubted in my answer because he and I are not very similar in taste. But I thought "why not?".

It´s a little story of 95 pages starring for 4 little characters who ran through a Maze looking for cheese to nourish them and make them happy.

Two were mice, named "Sniff" and "Scurry" and  two were Littlepeople-beings as small as mice but who looked and actes a lot like people today: "Hem" and "Haw".

The book is called: "Who moved my cheese?".

- Sniff is the one who sniffs out the situation and sees the change early
- Scurry is the one who goes into action immediately
- Haw is the one who realized what he is doing wrong, laugh at himself, change and do better.
- Hem is the one who wants to stay in familiar territory. He did not want to deal with the change and 
  didn´t even to see it.

What do you need to let go of and what do you need to move on to?
Who are you in the story? Sniff, Scurry, Hem or Haw?
How many of you are afraid of change?


Daily Snowy Mornings

Every morning is a hard-work for me since I leave home until I get the office and viceversa.

Goal: "Not falling down and be focused on my way" ... while there are people who walk really fast, people that are able to run or even though, go by bike

- Leave home 17 min earlier: 12 min from my flat to the train station (they are about 3 - 4 min wYo snow) + time to take: coat, Hunters, scarf, gloves...

- Every time I have to look at any sign or one direction, my whole body turns as well (so many clothes avoid any "free and independent" movement. I am a complete stick)

- There is not enough clothe to keep me warm

- To get mad after every little slip because of ice or not find a single space in the street where there is no snow / ice

- Fashion shoes? Forget it!! Only when you have got the office, change of shoes can be done

-  To have a handy-tissue to wipe the tears from the cold (almost stalactites on my eyelashes!)

- Come back to home early... for sure at 21:00 snow is ice and it´s "dangerous" go on foot (ask a taxi!)

- Trains are late after overcoming all early-morning-obstacles. In my case, if I missed one train, I need to wait 30 min for the next one. Plus: I will not take on time the bus and it will mean wait 15 min more for next bus.

- How people look at me during my spazzy dance while I wait for the train/bus

- My blood flow stops!! Consequence: bruises

Max. 1 - 1,5 months more (I hope!!)


Mad with this song! (and with all Pink's album)
My friend Niko is like this


Happy Sunday!

This has been a great weekend.

Alexander (and his family), Amy and I went to Anna-Lena's home for having Xmas Lunch.

She cooked typical Swedish food: meat balls & potatoes au gratin with anchovies. You know that I am veeeerrryyy picky for the food, but I can tell you that this meal was excellent! (I cannot believe that I have not taken a pic from her food!!! Sorry, Anna-Lena)

Amy cooked "Sticky toffee pudding":

Although I am a crap cook, I am able to make an acceptable cake that people can eat and they say: "mmmm... it´s good":

At the end of the lunch, Anna-Lena taught us how to "play" with marzipan. We made many and funny figures. Some of them related to Xmas... some of them... well, some of them just because we wished to continue making more. It was really entertaining (I would say that adults have enjoyed more than the children).


(A Isaac Newton, Leibnitz, Euler, Gauss, Galois, Fermat... ¡
Ni se les ocurrió!)


> ¿Qué significa 100%?
> ¿Qué es dar MÁS del 100%?
> ¿Alguna vez te preguntaste cómo son esas personas que dicen que dan MÁS del 100%?

Todos hemos asistido a reuniones en las que alguien nos ha pedido que demos MÁS del 100%.
> ¿De qué está compuesto el 100%?

A continuación figura una simple fórmula matemática que puede ayudarte a responder a estas preguntas.
Utilicemos la siguiente tabla que le da un porcentaje numérico a las letras de nuestro alfabeto

> A = 1
> B = 2
> C = 3
> D = 4
> E = 5
> F = 6
> G = 7
> H = 8
> I = 9
> J = 10
> K = 11
> L = 12
> M = 13
> N = 14
> Ñ = 15
> O = 16
> P = 17
> Q = 18
> R = 19
> S = 20
> T = 21
> U = 22
> V = 23
> W = 24
> X = 25
> Y = 26
> Z = 27

Entonces podemos deducir lo siguiente sobre algunas actitudes o acciones utilizadas comúnmente en las actividades laborales:

> T-R-A-B-A-J-A-R
> 21+19+1+2+1+10+1+19 = 74%

> S-A-B-I-D-U-R-I-A
> 20+1+2+9+4+22+19+1 = 78%

> D-E-C-I-S-I-O-N
> 4+5+3+9+20+9+16+14= 80%

> I-N-I-C-I-A-T-I-V-A
> 9+14+9+3+9+1+21+9+23+1= 99%

> D-E-S-E-M-P-E-Ñ-O
> 4+5+20+5+13+17+5+15+16 = 100%


> L-A-M-E-C-U-L-O-S
> 12+1+13+5+3+22+12+16+20 = 104%

> I-N-Ú-T-I-L-E-S
> 9+14+22+21+9+12+5+20 = 112%

> M-E-N-T-I-R-O-S-O-S
> 13+5+14+21+9+19+16+20+16+20 = 153%

> C-O-R-R-U-P-T-O-S-
> 3+16+19+19+22+17+21+16+20=153%

> S-I-N-V-E-R-G-Ü-E-N-Z-A-S
> 20+9+14+5+19+7+22+5+14+27+1+20 = 163%


En base a esta teoría, podemos afirmar, que es matemáticamente cierto que en algunos lugares como la ESPAÑA actual:

1) No es aconsejableTRABAJAR , tener SABIDURÍA, tener DECISION e INICIATIVA , y un buen DESEMPEÑO , porque solo te llevan como mucho al 100%.

2) Y están más valorados los LAMECULOS , INÚTILES , MENTIROSOS, CORRUPTOS y SINVERGÜENZAS: porque sobrepasan con creces el 100%.

Y bueno, amigo mío, las matemáticas no mienten.
I spent the Saturday with Rodrigo and Jessica in Bern and Thun. Weather was freezen!! but we had a lot of fun. For sure, we will repeat after Xmas! Looking forward to it.


                                                              1) Zürich: Where I live
                                                              2) Granada: Where I am from
                                                              3) Cottbus: Where I finished my career
Mannheim... again

I spent 3 days in Mannheim this week because a new workshop. It did not start as I normally expected. We were brought to a really really weird "hotel" where the eiderdowns were in a common wardrobe in the middle of the floor corridor. Obviously, I did not take it! (for sure I would have found bedbugs).

Next day, I went to a new hotel (not without having a big discussion with my boss because of the Company Policy). Not mention that the mate who went with me decided to come back next day at 11 am to Switzerland.

Fortunately, week got better:

1) I met one of my ex-workmates from Accenture and we had dinner together. We did not really know well each other since we just spoke a few times (always in some party)... but I enjoyed my time with him. He was funny! (It´s a pitty I did not take any pic).

2) Since I was in Mannheim, I missed the Xmas Company Party. But I had one with the people who was participating in the workshop and it was cool. We went to an Italian Restaurant, had delicious food and many laughs. Great time with them.

(Aleksandra, Dipankar, Michael, Martin, Olaf, I, Patricia)

3) Patricia (one of the participants from Business) was really kind (as the first time we went there) and she showed me the Xmas Market and a cool shopping center in the center of Mannheim. There were some stalls very original and cute.

4) I found a St. Nikolaus chocolate out of my hotel door (the good hotel) and in the office.


Love the "handbag" and super fan of the serie!!!


Swarovski'12 Xmas-Tree

Awesome! (Zürich HB)


1 Year in Switzerland

Wow! One whole year!!!! Unbelievable! I still see so clear the night I arrived here.

If you remember (or you have read) my starting was not what I expected. But now I am fine and happy with the decision (no easy) I took one year ago.

Some things somehow remain:

1. I do not live anymore next to a Sex-Club --> My down-stairs corridor neighbor has a "masochism office" where some guys come.

2. I see sometimes in Baden train station to "Camilo Sesto II". Obviously, we have not talked again.

3. Mechanical Engineer tries to maintain a conversation with me every time he sees me in the train.

4. "Hair on upper ladies lip" is still present.

5. I continue getting lost more often as I should.

6. Surrealistic situations that only can happen in Switzerland (Thank Jessica that you can share them with me and you understand them!!).

However, the most of them have improved:

1. I live in a flat that I love (it´s small but enough for me).

2. I like the area where I live.

3. I understand better the Language.

4. Xmas Company Party will be a "normal" party (it´s a pitty I will miss it).

5. I have friends (nice friends).

6. I am better in my daily work and I am involved in important projects for the Company.

7. My "old friends" are still there (thank you!).

8. At the moment (and I cross my fingers!) I have not had more "only cold water" to have a shower.

9. I have learned a lot about myself and I have realized that I have been able to beat some difficult situations that I though I could not and that I am ready to face all the ones which will come.

Balance is a total:


I am not a fan of Xmas time but this year I have had the feeling of decorating my flat and I have bought a Xmas-tree and a small detail for the big table I have in the living room.

I like the result!