N-5: "Starbuck-eando" and "Zuriqu-eando"

Sunday started with a breakfust in Starbucks. For me: chocolate frapuccino + chocolate donut.

I have a Starbucks in 10 min walking from my flat. It´s a small one but cozy. When I went there, I always did the "take-away". But last Sunday, I met a friend and we stayed there around 1 hour (the most of it, talking and talking).

It´d be around 10:00 am when we decided that we were finished there but we could go for a walk to the lake. It was a cloudy morning but temperature was pleasant.

We sat in Bürkiplatz, the most of the time looking at how some children played with soap bubbles. Something so easy and so fun for them. Also for big people, who stopped and made some videos and fotos (like me).

In the afternoon, we discovered that the previous night was the party in "Ida Platz" and there was still some stands with food, second hand stuffs and music. We stayed there for a while, drank something in a close place and go home.

It was a relaxing Sunday where I recover some energy that I needed.

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