I´ve had to come back to old times... A project has been assigned to me (no because of I wished!) and in 6 weeks I must do the delivery. And of course, the best delivery I can.

For that, I´ve searched in my archived folders and found my old documentation. Some of it was done by someone of my workmates and another one was done by me.

Honestly, I was really surprised about the high level that I had!! Wow! I was really really good. I think, that if I would have followed that path, probably, I would have a quite high position. But the sacrify would have also been quite high.

It´s ironic: I changed because I did not want to continue with the sacrify but now, I have to do it somehow and not in a such position. But I´m enjoying somehow.

Saturday night, 4:04 am, still working. And I really didn´t care because I was enjoying it although it's quite hard what I will have to do in the next 6 weeks.

Looking forward to deliverying!!!!


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