Hi10 for Gómez de la Senra

Today I met one French guy and he commented something about Portuguese people who live in France. He said that the most of them are working cleaning the buildings but they earn a lot of money.

Then the following case came to my head:

The columnist Gómez de la Senra was in a Spanish Embassy Reception in 1970 where a French Political realized that he was Spanish and then he said:

- "Spanish" Like my maid. All maids in France are from Spain".

Gómez de la Senra withouth blinking answered:

- "How curious! All the whores in Spain are from France".

Original Text:

Contaba el periodista Gómez de la Senra en 1970 que en una recepción de la embajada española, un político francés, al saber que era español, dijo:

- "¡Español" como mi sirvienta. En Francia todas las chachas son españolas".

Y Gómez de la Senra sin parpadear respondió:

- "¡Qué curioso" En España todas las putas son francesas".

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