N-3: Special Celebration with Family

I´m in the N-3 days!!!! Unbelievable! Honestly, when I started, I did not think that I was going to be able to make it. I thought that it would be quite difficult "to find out" every day something that makes me feel good and a little bit happier. I had the feeling of: "I have to make an effort". And it was because I had quite a lot on my roof.

Well... the today treat is that I will celebrate 2 important events (at the same time) with my family:

1) My 35 years old birthday (a big deal!!!!!). It´s still not sure about the dates but something is coming!!!

2) I cannot still tell anything but I hope to "close" something in the middle of September or at the beginning of October as latest (I´ll keep u informed).

I´m so excited to make something different this summer with my mother and sis!

I wish to all of u a nice evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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