N-10: Giulia

I love this girl. She is Giulia from Schio (Italy). We met in Sept. 2004 when we were in Erasmus in Cottbus. 

She visited me in Madrid in Sept. 2006 for my Birthday and till yesterday, we had not seen each other again. 

She is lovely. She is sweet. And she is one of the most generous persons that I have ever met... so generous that she game me a 0,5l bottle of bear in one party in Cottbus to become a "litle bit happy" instead of keeping it by herself (she got some other bears later for her) :)

After that 0.5l bottle bear, a second bottle came to me (I do not remember from whom) and when I needed to go to the toilette, as I was not able to measure correctly the distance between the step and my foot, she had to accompany me. 

Beside that "small hitch", she was so brave that she came to my room to listen to my final project of career the night before the official presentation. 

Also, she invited me to spend Easter 2005 with her family and they were soooo warm and nice. 

As she is dating a guy who lives in Zurich, I´m totally sure that yesterday meeting was the first of many following ones.

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